Monday, August 24, 2009

Been awhile

Pin It Once again, we apologize for the delay in posting.

Friday was a bit of a disappointment as my interview was canceled. Oh well, I still have a job offer anyway. Brice and I had a nice dinner and contemplated going out somewhere, but we don't know anyone to ask what would be fun/safe so we ended up staying in and watching a movie and roasting marshmallows.

Saturday we had a big breakfast and I decided that after two days of trying to get into eating eggs again, the efforts were over. They still make me sick. We tried to find a flea market, but drove to where it was supposed to be and found nothing. We did a mini-shopping trip at another Publix in the area of the flea market and saw the famous ESPN zone, recommended by Ashley. Brice needed a textbook from the bookstore, which is a nearby Barnes and Noble so we were able to use giftcards we had to defray that cost a little. We rented a Redbox movie from the limited selection and roasted more marshmallows. (I love them.)

We decided to try out Christ the King Cathedral this week and their young adult ministry apparently goes to the 5:30pm mass on Sundays and then meets up afterward. Brice and I weren't really into that idea because we enjoy church in the morning and that time made it feel like a Saturday that rudely decided to throw you right into Monday, but we wanted to meet people so we went. Beautiful church, amazing music at that mass. It's a 20 person ensemble with lots of other instruments and they did some great songs. We went to the YAM (young adult ministry) meeting where they were voting on their president for the year. Everyone was nice and friendly and we met people, but oddly enough, I think we may have been the only married couple there and I'm almost certain we were the youngest by a couple years at least. Quite an age range there too, much further up than you would think for young adults. We're going to try a few of their events because it seems like a fun group.

Brice's classes are getting busier, he actually spent an hour working on homework this evening. We'll be having the neighbors over for dinner tomorrow and we're looking forward to it. I have one more interview with the health center tomorrow. It would only be part-time or PRN, but it could end up working out. We'll keep you posted.


  1. Nice idea...going to lots of different places to find friends. Don't get discouraged if you don't find some right away. Good friends like you had back in NC are not easy to find, but you will find some soon.

  2. that's right, i'm not easy to find! thanks mr. d! i chatted with ryan awhile today after class. do you remember jp deagan? he's from ATL, i told ry to ask him about fun things to do or friends he has there. apparently he grew up in marrietta, isn't that where your job is?


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