Thursday, August 6, 2009


Pin It This morning Brice mapped out a route for us to take for some errands. We both got Buzz cards (the cutesy name for their IDs here) because I'm a spouse and I need one for the parking deck. Mine says family at the bottom of my picture though, so I may or may not be able to pose as a student. We got to the post office so we can finally mail all of our thank you notes, so expect those soon. And I got an envelope and something notarized for the GA board of nursing to transfer my license. We then went on to Home Depot to get new aerators for the faucets and a new shower head because the low flow stuff was driving us crazy (twice as long to wash your hands and you needed a second activity to do while you filled a pot of water). Brice got those replaced and boy is he excited about all the water that comes out now. We took a little nap and have been working on some more thank you notes. The plan is to Christen our new mixer with a batch of cookies shortly as we enjoy a night of Friends and the Office and possibly some Literati. It's nice being married :-)

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