Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chicken, Red Bull, and Alton Brown

Pin It It's been an exciting couple of days for us. On Friday I combed the internet for free or cheap things to do here this weekend. We came up with a sangria tasting at a nearby bar that was also voted one of the best breweries, so we decided to check it out. We were a little late for the tasting, but we had a drink there and came up with our next destination--Chicken and Waffles. The woman at the bar gave us what we thought at the time were directions. She sent us to shopping center nowhere near the place. We eventually found it, but it was dark and the parking was the definition of sketchy. We're going to try again during daylight hours. So we went from there to this diner and got a milkshake and a kid's chicken finger meal. Sounds like not a lot, but we actually spent quite some time driving around the city to find our way and try to find safer parking, and going into Staples to ask directions.

This morning we packed a lunch and headed out to the Red Bull Soapbox Race. We walked there, about 1.5 miles, because there really wasn't a good parking situation. We went with a guy Brice has been studying with. It was a hot sweaty walk, but a cool event to go to. We were pretty gross and tired when we got back, even though we only stayed for 20 out of 39 "cars". We took a long nap after that--quite tiring.

When we woke up, Brice remembered seeing something about Alton Brown doing a show at a theater here that was about to start. We tried to call for tickets, but couldn't get any. He decided we should go by late and see if we could get in somehow. I really didn't think it was going to happen, but I knew he really wanted to see it. Well, one should not doubt their husband's deep desires. We parked, walked up to the door, asked if the show was going on and if there were more tickets. The woman told us yes, but no, they were sold out. At that precise moment, three young people were walking out and offered us their tickets. Their $37 tickets. This is not the sort of luck to which we are used. We got in and enjoyed the majority of the show. It was great. It was filmed (in front of a live studio audience!) for his 10th anniversary special which will air on October 10th at 10pm. (10-10 @ 10) Look for us! We probably didn't make it since we were on the second level, but hey, you can hear us clap and laugh!

Shout out to Brice's brother--congrats on the new job!

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  1. Every activity seems to include a bad parking experience.


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