Monday, August 17, 2009

First day

Pin It Today was Brice's first day of grad school. I packed him a lunch and assisted in choosing a first day outfit and took pictures. (Most of all this fanfare was my doing.) I got busy at home with laundry and cleaning and calling places about jobs. I have an interview for an RN job on Friday at 1:30. Interestingly enough, it's the only hospital where I applied for only 1 job. (I applied for over 30 with one system--the one where I got a call for a tech job. Interesting how the numbers worked out here.) The HR woman for the tech job has not heard anything to schedule an interview for me with a manager. I talked briefly to Student Health and the woman got my information and said she would call me back. I also drove to student health today to pay my health fee so I can have appointments and get prescriptions. The woman working must have been having a bad day or she just didn't like people, because she seemed very annoyed with me for thinking that I was married to Brice when I obviously didn't have any proof. Even though I had a buzz card as a spouse, it only said family. Perhaps I was his daughter. I had to drive home to get the marriage certificate. Then we had to argue about how it was a certificate, not just an application. I think I have it all worked out now.

Brice had a good first day. He says it was exciting to get back into a classroom and he looks forward to a busy semester. He also said his lunch was out of this world, and so was the note his wife put in it.

When my parents were visiting this past weekend, my dad asked us what surprised us most about the other since being married/living together. I responded for Brice saying that he seemed to be blown away by my inability to twist the bread tie "righty tighty, lefty loosey". With this topic, the secret to this problem was unveiled as the same 30 year battle between my parents. Though they had never discussed it, apparently my dad has been doing a lefty tighty while my mom has been doing the righty tighty. My dad admits that the other way makes sense, but it's not how he does it. This is where I realized why I didn't see what Brice's deal was. During my whole life, whenever you opened the bread, you never knew which way you were going to have to turn it. So it never occurred to me that there was one way to do it. Brian--did you notice this? Interesting though, that my parents only just now discussed this where Brice has been bringing it up almost daily since we began living together. At the time, I didn't have an answer for what surprised me about Brice. Now I do. I remember reading a post my cousin Josee wrote a couple years ago about living with Tim and how Jim noticed "Daoust" habits, one of them being leaving glasses of water all over the house. Well, I apparently don't have this Daoust trait, but Brice does. My biggest surprise is how I will find up to 3 glasses of water between the table and the counter. I find this surprising, because when he lived in Raleigh, he would use the same glass for two days. He now says this is because he doesn't know if the glass is mine or his. But there's your answer, Dad.


  1. Color-coded items is the trick to keep belongings sorted. Brice's things were always the orange one's (if you can guess why?)The other boys were blue, red, green (B,K,K). Think toothbrushes, cups, yo-yo's, T-shirts....You get the idea.
    Love, Mom P.

  2. I just love how husbands don't want to share a glass with you but will kiss you and share a bed with you. Makes no sense to me ...

  3. I think I know why I twist bread ties backwards. I twist the tie with my right hand and my pointer finger is dominant. It wants to be the pusher, so naturally I let it push that side of the tie counter-clockwise. At least I twirl spaghetti in the right direction, unlike some people I won't name.


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