Thursday, August 20, 2009

A job, finally

Pin It This morning I had an interview for the ER tech job. It went pretty well and included an interview with the manager and then a peer interview with two other RNs. I felt good when I left, which turned out to be an accurate assessment because I had a message waiting when I got home. They offered me the job, 7p-7a. I would start the beginning of September probably. I still have the RN interview tomorrow, but that's the job with the long commute. My favorite possibility is still the student health job, but I haven't heard anything about that.
Brice went to a mechanical engineering grad student event today and met a student who does research in controls, which is what Brice is interested in. The guy gave him a tour of the lab he works in and mentioned that the professor is looking for a student if he gets a grant he's waiting on. So Brice had a little impromptu interview with him. No telling what will happen, but it was good news for him. He also taught his first lab this afternoon, which went well.
We tried to go see Monsters, Inc. at the Atlantic Station movie night like we went to last week, but it was rained out. We went to Old Navy to check out their jeans sale but nothing fit. I went on to Ann Taylor and found lots of things I liked, but some did not fit and some were just way too expensive, but fun to try on and get ideas for finding something similar at a lower price. I ended up with a sale skirt and sale cardigan. A little new job celebration.
All in all, a good day.


  1. Congratulations. But keep looking, even after you take the job. Might get a better offer.

  2. Congratulations! And your dad is right, keep your options open.

  3. I've known more than one person who got the great offer a week or two after accepting the OK offer, and switched immediately to the great job.

  4. Congratulations Kelley. We were to the beach this weekend. Hurricane Bill roiled the waters to produce 2 foot waves. Nothing interesting washed in. Nantuckett really protects the beaches in the Nantuckett Sound. Hope all is well with you two.

    Uncle Pat


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