Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, one day

Pin It This morning I got up to fill out many more applications. Since my job search began, I have filled out an estimated 80 some applications. So far, they have all been turned down, or I have no heard back. I think my main issue is that I am a new grad, and these days, they want you to go through a residency program. However, there are not enough residency program spots to go around. So I'm not really sure what to do with that. Brice has been very helpful searching for hospitals and filling out the basic info for me to save me some time. Obviously though, it's not going really well, so prayers are welcome.
Brice spent the morning preparing for an interview with a professor for whom he would very much like to do research. He'll hear back Wednesday on whether he got the position. I dropped him off there and headed for Target, the one place here to which I feel confident driving. I picked up what I thought would be a mirror we could hang over a door, but it turns out we have to drill into the door, so it has to go back. But that's fine, I'm a pro at making returns and exchanges since this past week. (Note: I exchanged one wedding present and returned none. We received wonderful gifts--thank you!) I was looking for the saute pan we registered for because our 10 inch pan is not cutting it, but was not able to find it in the store. I also broke down and bought curtains since it looks like making them is not going to happen. We'll try them out and see how they do with cutting out the light. They may also go back. Brightest spot of the day: getting to use that shopping cart escalator I mentioned before. I used it like I did it all the time and drove from there to Ikea, also like I knew what I was doing.

I had a nice chat with Jessica this afternoon who is settling in at her new place in Nashville. We had chicken quesadillas for dinner. They were a hit, so we'll do them again. Post dinner I made "crispy rice squares", aka Rice Krispie Treats.

Prior to the treats, I took pictures of the kitchen and living room, all posted on facebook. We'll be featuring the remaining 3 rooms on a different night each. Check out the photos to see if you see your wedding gift. I pointed out some of them. Everything is in use and much appreciated.

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