Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One month

Pin It Today is our monthiversary. Not that I am the person to tick off the months or consider them a big deal. Just pointing it out.

Brice had an orientation event this morning and felt that it was less useful than he thought it would be. We both went over to student health because Brice had to tell them face to face that he'd had chicken pox and I wanted to see if I could meet someone to talk to them about my application for the staff nurse position. I got the name of the woman and met a NP from the women's clinic who gave me a number to call. It's their busiest time of the year so she told me to try calling Friday. But she seemed excited to meet me.

Brice worked on issues with car insurance down here this afternoon. And I got a phone call about a job. It came from the health system where I applied for over 30 jobs. They had sent me rejection e-mails for all of them, but apparently they are offering positions as ER techs for new grads who were interested in the ER. She said they'd had over 250 new grad applications and only 35 spots. So she gave me an interview for 9am tomorrow, so I get to have my first taste of the Atlanta rush hour. The job is in Marietta though, so I'm not sure what it's like leaving the city. I think I'm ready for it, but I'm going to get to bed soon.


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