Sunday, August 16, 2009

Over the weekend

Pin It The burgers turned out much better when pan fried, for anyone who was on the edge of their seat. They were a real hit, so we'll add that to the arsenal of recipes we have. After cleaning up, we headed out to buy ingredients to make sangria. We received a glass pitcher as a wedding gift and Brice kept seeing the photo on the box and wanting sangria. So we hit the local liquor store, where I was not carded--I wasn't buying, but they usually still card me as the accompanying party (and what a party I am!). Then we headed to Trader Joe's to get wine and lemons and oranges and all the rest. We got a a little side-tracked by an ice cream shop, but were ultimately a little disappointed. The search continues for local ice cream, hopefully a non-chain shop. We returned home and Brice brewed his special recipe to sit overnight.

My parents ended up coming for the day on Saturday. We had hoped to make it up to NC for a mountain weekend with Brice's family, but the travel time would not have made our short stay quite worth it. Mom and Dad arrived around 11:30 and unloaded some items I had realized I would like from home. They marveled at the example of decorating genius our apartment is (insert laugh here) and we all had lunch before heading out to the World of Coke. The four of us had a good time learning all about Coke and getting sick off of the tasting room. In addition to Coke, they treated us to a nice dinner at Chili's where we parted ways.

This morning we decided to try First Pres again in the hopes of meeting a couple from the young adults group. Last week we were invited to a get together they were having by the young adult minister, but we felt we would have made things awkward for them if no one knew us. Since we didn't end up meeting anyone at church, we decided not to go. Next week we're going to try the cathedral, which has a list of ministries, groups, and outreaches longer than your arm. I've got high hopes for it, so I hope I'm not disappointed.

When we got home, we heard some commotion in the hall that Brice thought could be new neighbors. He was right. I kept trying to catch them out in the hall, but no luck. We could see them moving things through the courtyard though. They are a young black family, one little boy from what I can tell. I did see him in the hall, but he was on the phone. I was sitting outside our apartment playing with the son of the one couple we have hung out with a bit. (I refer to this little boy as "my boyfriend" because of his baby flirtatiousness) His dad was walking him around while his wife slept, so I brought out bubbles my mom had left here and delighted the little boy. His dad and I had a nice chat about church and religion. I told him the new neighbors had a little boy, though older than his son. I think our apartment quad is so cool--across the hall is a Hispanic family, next door is a Chinese family, the new neighbors are black, and we are white. Four families and four distinct ethnicities. Pretty cool, huh?

We had quesadillas again tonight for dinner, which seemed to be an even bigger hit. My newest cooking aspiration is to alter my recipes to make less. We have way too many leftovers for my taste. And Brice served the sangria, which is delightfully tasty. In a few minutes, we're going to have desserts my mom brought us and I will enjoy a new episode of Army Wives while my husband surfs the internet and asks frequently, is that the cheater?

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