Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sorry for the delay

Pin It I hope we didn't disappoint any of our regular readers by not posting last night. I just didn't set aside the time for it. Brice had made me a great lasagna dinner, my favorite thing he makes and we watched Finding Nemo and some stand-up. I took a break during that to finally get a chance to talk to Heather. I'm trying my best to get phone calls in to friends since all of my friends are long distance now (except Brice, of course).

In the morning we did some cleaning up and were out to Ikea to replace our cabinet door with two cabinet doors and to Walmart to get fabric for making curtains. It turns out that this Walmart no longer sells sewing and fabric stuff. (WHAT!? Not to mention, Target and Walmart and grocery stores here have a completely different pattern to them. It's not that they are reveresed or that they are moved over a section or anything. We have been SO lost.) So we got the location of a couple different fabric stores and went off in search of them. These turned out to be a bit of a bust because they were the sort of stores with the huge rolls of fabric at at least $15/yd. So unless I can find a fabric store more my speed, it's more economical to just buy the curtains. We also drove way out to the closest Kohls, which was located up the interstate and far down into a suburbia, nowhere near our home. We needed to exchange some towels and ended up with a few bucks left over so I bought a normal belt. This is my first in many years, but I don't know how much I'll wear it of course, because it has a metal buckle. But I thought I should have one. I'm going to see if I can find one with a wooden buckle.

This morning we went to church at First Presbyterian. It's a very large, city church. If you know what downtown Presbyterian churches are like, you can picture this one pretty well. The service format was not exactly my favorite, but I know that there does not exist my perfect church out there, so I'm giving it a try. The main reason we went there was because of all the churches I have researched, they had the most online information and have a huge program for young adults (singles and couples--they have a separate minister for this). We met the people on either side of us and one of the women introduced us to this minister and helped us meet another young woman and speak to the minister. Generally, I'm not into huge churches, but since my biggest need from a church is a group and friends, I need to look for churches that are able to provide that.

Today we're going to put the new doors on our cabinet, possibly buy curtains, possibly go to the supermarket as I search for an exciting dinner to make.


  1. Thanks for telling us about your blog site.

    Uncle Pat and Aunt Betty

  2. The Targets in Greensboro are laid out backwards from the ones in Garner, and that was confusing enough for me when I went out there for college! It's fun reading about you guys getting set up in your first place together as I remember going through all that stuff...sitting on the floor and using a cardboard box as a coffee table and all that. Good luck with everything.


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