Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday, two day

Pin It Brice had his first lab today as a TA. He is the assistant TA in this lab. He will lead one on Thursdays. It went by fairly quickly and he says it reminded him of his tutoring days.

I made some phone calls about getting prescriptions transferred and locating my new debit card. Apparently it was sent to this address and it came back, no indication of why. I also still haven't gotten my new credit card, but I'll give them until the end of this week. I got an interview for the ER tech position on Thursday morning. So I think that's going well. I also managed to catch December Boys on HBO today. I enjoyed it, not sure I would recommend it universally. I think it's one of those that I enjoyed but plenty of other people wouldn't like.

Brice and I attended a Tenth and Home cookout this evening. We were unfashionably late because we ended up with the very end of the food. But it was ok. We met two new couples, one of the couples we met through the couple we've had dinner with. They go to church together and they have a little boy and girl. They announced some other events that are going on this semester, including a Ramadan celebration and Mexican and Indian foods nights. They are also setting up a group to go to the movie night I mentioned for WALL-E.

We might be having a friend over for dinner tomorrow night. I haven't met him, but he's a redhead from Texas, so I think he's probably ok.

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