Friday, August 7, 2009

We thank you so much

Pin It Today was not the most exciting day, though it was productive. We sat down and knocked out the last of the thank you notes and got them out in the mail, minus a few addresses we are still missing. We also received our first "social" mail (read: a card from Mom). A trip to Target and we saw the most fun contraption for transporting a shopping cart to the lower level. I am most anxious to return to try it out ASAP. My task this weekend will be caring for my maimed husband who cut himself on his pocketknife during a most brutal assault by a sunglasses tag. (This was no big deal, my husband would like to assure you. I just like to post dramatically.) Therefore, he was unable to make a special dinner for me, though the chicken fettuccine alfredo was quite delicious.
Tomorrow we may check out a farmer's market or do some other Atlanta exploring.

Bonus points if you comment with the reference made in the title.


  1. And we thank you so much for your blog. Do you think I can get B,K,&K to do the same?
    Mom P.

  2. To all: I think Kelley likes saying "my husband." :-) Well, I like saying "our little girl."

  3. Hi Kelley and Brice,
    Both Judith and I enjoyed being part of your celebration and we feel privileged to have been involved. I am looking forward to getting to know Brice better. I think he has a very bright engineering mind and I'd love to hear what he's working on in the future. Uncle Paul.


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