Friday, August 14, 2009

We're still here

Pin It When last we left off, I had a job interview the next morning. I got sick overnight, and had to postpone the interview to Thursday at 2pm. On Wednesday, Brice went to his mechanical engineering orientation. He knew a guy there from his previous visit and enjoyed it. We also received mail from both of the moms.

Thursday (yesterday), Brice took care of registering for classes and getting on payroll. Apparently some form was lost and he was not on the list when he was at his orientation the day before. I went to my interview without any major traffic problems, other than trying to turn left onto a one way street. I guess it went well. The real decision is made by the managers for the unit shifts. They'll call me back for that one. I did some grocery shopping at the nearby Publix, but I don't think I'll go there again. All of the stores we go to require parking in a deck, for the most part. This deck was huge and it took me at least 10 minutes (I know I tend to exaggerate, but this is not one of those times) to find the deck entrance and find where I should park to get to Publix. I got up the escalator and then, looked around, and couldn't see it. I felt pretty silly. I finally saw it (tree blocking the sign) and found it to be small, just as Brice had described it. (He had run out for Cool Whip for me one evening.) The produce was really lacking and the layout was odd, but not as much as the Target and Wal-mart. It was more like a small supermarket that you find in a downtown area, which it was, though the Atlantic Station atmosphere makes an effort to not be like that, I think. The bag boy did take the cart to the deck with me so I didn't have to bring it back though. I'm going to try Kroger next time I think. I learned to shop like a suburban housewife, and this wasn't much of a suburban housewife market. Even though I'm not.

I decided to make bleu cheese stuffed burgers for dinner. They did not stay stuffed very well due to our decision to try them on the Foreman, but we have two uncooked left that we'll try tonight in the frying pan. Brice had looked for a trivia night for us to go to, so after dinner we tried that, but it wasn't really what we wanted, so we left. I said something about Atlantic Station having an Old Navy and how that was dangerous, so we decided to drive over there. We walked around and explored what was there, which is a lot, and then strolled back around to the center. Turns out Thursday nights are movie nights where they set up a large screen and people bring chairs and blankets and sit on artificial grass (no itching!) and enjoy the show. The weather was perfect, so I got us a spot and Brice ran back to the car and got our chairs. The movie was Legally Blonde, Brice's first time seeing it, but he was a good sport. He laughed a good bit and enjoyed it. We left just a couple minutes before the end because you get 2 hours of free parking in that deck, and we would have gone over by 2 minutes probably. Next week is Monsters, Inc. and then WALL-E, so we'll probably go back. Plus, there was some drawing for prizes, including Braves tickets. September is all Audrey Hepburn movies, a women's night out theme, so I don't know that we'll get to those.

The agenda for today includes writing a thank you for my interview and finalizing details for my health insurance issues that I've been working on. The cost of one of the meds I take is more than twice our limit on drugs. Brice has a meeting from 1-4 about being a TA. We'll try the burgers again tonight and let you know what happens.

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