Thursday, August 27, 2009

What do you call cheese that's not yours?

Pin It Tuesday I had an interview for the RN job at Student Health. Almost everyone in there was wearing a mask for flu symptoms. The place was nuts. The interview went well and the director was very nice, but all that is available are PRN positions and she's not sure she could offer me one or not and it would be awhile before she could. She seemed to think she could use me for a flu shot clinic. The facility is really nice and it would be nice to work there. It she did offer me something, I'm not sure what the best move would be. See, the job I have now is full-time and I would be paid half of what an RN makes. So, if I worked half-time as an RN it would work out the same. Of course on PRN, there are no benefits, but I could get on as full-time, possibly, but without knowing how long it would take. And where do I go from there? It's basically a game of what's the shortest path to a full-time RN position and then where can I go.

In the morning before the interview we went to the DDS (that's what they call the DMV here--it makes it difficult to find because you get a lot of dentist results on Google). The place was packed in a way I've never seen a DMV because I guess I've never been to a big city DMV. We got new licenses without too much of a wait. I had tried very hard to get my hair straight and smooth on a humid day and I thought I'd done pretty well. But it turned out that part didn't matter, because a random piece was sticking out on the side where Brice was not and so he didn't see. Though he probably wouldn't have noticed it even if it was on the other side. NC licenses are much prettier.

After that we went to a pizza place we'd seen on our second day here just up the street from the bookstore. It was pretty good, even the leftovers that we had. I think we'll go back.

We had our neighbors over for dinner and their son was very cute, though we had to quickly baby-proof our apartment. I had planned to make pork tenderloin, but couldn't get an ingredient at the store, so I switched to the old stand-by, chicken parmesan.

Wednesday was just a cleaning day for me with laundry, ironing, and cleaning all the floors. I've been irritated constantly here because I like to be barefoot, but there is no cushioning on the carpet and tile hurts my feet. So I wear shoes most of the time, but that just makes the floors dirtier. And they're tricky too, because the pattern on the tile really camouflages the dirt, and the carpet is even worse. Good thing for that Swiffer mop.

I spent an inordinate amount of time at the bank today tending to some things. Lots of kids trying to open accounts and a few different employees all trying to pass my needs onto someone else.

We're going to check out something called the Red Bull Soapbox Race on Saturday.


  1. i have white kitchen floors and two messy kids. i thought floors that hid dirt were a good thing? ;)

  2. Haha, yeah, maybe so. It drives me crazy though to have the stuff stick to my feet when it looks clean.

  3. I don't understand the title of this one, even after reading the whole piece.


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