Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy busy busy, like a really busy bee!

Pin It Hi, all! Just wanted to make a post now because there won't be one for several days.

The party was fun, though for the first few hours we knew no one. But the ribs were fantastic! Then when we went outside, we heard someone say my name and you can imagine how shocked Brice and I were. It turned out to be the girl who had taken me to Bible study a couple weeks back. So there it is Dad, we saw someone we knew outside of that activity.

Yesterday we decided to try out the young couples Sunday school we'd been promised by First Pres. those first couple weeks we went. It started a couple weeks ago, but we had not gone yet for different reasons (work being one). Very nice and friendly people, different from the group at the Braves game from CTK. There is something going around that class though causing approximately 50% of the women to grow large stomachs. I don't think I want to catch that. I'm still a little disappointed by the worship service though. It's too bad you can't cut and paste pieces of churches together for your own purposes.

We had lunch and then Brice worked on some school work and watched golf while compared prices on frequently bought items at grocery stores and did other really fun household tasks. Then I put that work to good use at Walmart. Wanted: a fajita seasoning packet without lime. As I was leaving, I became extremely grateful for our car. My life would be so much more difficult if I had to wait for a taxi or the bus.

We made a delicious pizza together and enjoyed watching Army Wives.

I will be working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights this week, so hold all of my calls please :-)


  1. fajitas without lime? Blasphemy! How about making your own - is that something you might be into?

  2. That's up to Brice--the fajitas are his meal. I kept looking up seasoning for something once and all that came up were suggestions of which packet to use. We've been so spoiled by those things.

  3. going to be busy this weekend too! YAY!


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