Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't leave me hiiiiiigh, don't leave me dryyyyy

Pin It Addendum: I forgot to write about the Braves game. We went to the tailgating prior to the game, but unfortunately, we didn't find it to be a very friendly group. Even though we introduced ourselves to the president and social committee chairs, none of them or anyone else really made an effort to talk to us. Only one guy actually tried to talk to us. Personally, I think there's only so much a new person can do when trying to join a new group and most of the responsibility lies with the people who are already members (this includes just regular church). And I can back this up because as a long-time member of many groups, I knew that most of the effort needed to be made by me and other members. We gave it a try, but I don't know that we'll be back.

Notice to all: We are dry and safe and haven't had problems with flooding, outside of a flooded parking deck entrance and splashy streets. Thanks for all the concerned queries.

I had my first day of work on Sunday from 11a-11p. I decided if I have any future control over my shift, that's the one I want. Those are my normal operating hours. I wasn't even really that tired at the end of the night, though I also had a pretty low-key night, no traumas or codes or combative patients. The most exciting thing that happened was getting to use the clippers to shave a guy's chest for an ECG.

My wonderful husband did everything on his honey-do list while I was gone and more and I came home to a clean house. I dropped him off on my way to work at the campus church for what he said was the shortest Mass ever. He had to endure a 45 minute fire alarm while he was trying to work on school work though. Apparently that wasn't enough for them because we had another last night, again while I was cooking dinner. Luckily the food was not in the oven just yet.

I had what was supposed to be "Day 2" of my orientation today. It probably would have been worthwhile if it really was on the second day instead of two weeks later. We were combined with the group starting this week so it was good for them, but it was the third time we had heard some of the info. We did manage to get out of the facility tour and leave early.

Brice is hard at work right now in his study and trying to help me plan out my sleep schedule. I am working tomorrow night so I'm trying to stay up late tonight to sleep tomorrow. I don't think there's any way I'm going to do as well as Sunday, but I'll try.

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  1. "My wonderful husband did everything on his honey-do list while I was gone and more and I came home to a clean house."

    How do you get that to work??? I might need lessons :)


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