Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gabe the babe

Pin It The pork tenderloin turned out amazing. We have plenty to live off of for awhile and it's definitely a great meal for having people over.

This morning I dropped Brice off for class and drove up to work to have my TB test checked and turn in some papers. I ran a couple of errands and came home. I was hoping to invite my neighbor to lunch but she wasn't home. As luck would have it though, she stopped by anyway to ask me to watch her son later. They stayed for a bit and went home before I came over. She wasn't gone 2 minutes when he woke up crying. But this baby has a very easy secret for calming down--music and dancing. So that's what I did. Until he fell asleep. Then I tried to lay him down again...and bam, hysteria again. He was funny leading me around by the hand looking for his parents in this tiny apartment. He wasn't really upset by me being there, just that I didn't have one of the other usual people with me. We get along great. I'm glad I know the secret though for future baby-sitting adventures.

We went to a reception at the cathedral for new parishioners this evening. It was a little odd; we were supposed to mingle, but it's kind of hard to put all these people who don't know anyone in a room and get things moving. I felt like they should have facilitated something. But we met some members and another guy that is an ME student too. Good cookies and little mini apple pie things--yum!

We've got plans to take advantage of Fulton County day at the art museum this weekend and get in free and also having lunch with the famous and lovely Ramona.


  1. Glad the recipe worked well. A good "go-to" one to have on file.
    Mom P.

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  3. Keep these posts coming. Mom reads, but doesn't write. Write as if she reads every one...because she does.
    Love, Dad-D


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