Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day weekend

Pin It Friday night, my deal-finder husband figured out the best way to utilize this funny gift card we got from David's Bridal. We bought a $25 gift certificate to a restaurant in the Virginia Highlands area (stipulation being we must spend at least $35). It was a bit pricey and nice and dark in kind of a basement, but it was nice and I had an amazing crab cake sandwich. I don't think we'll find a reason to go back, but it was fun to find. We walked around the area a little bit and spotted a gelato place, so we gave that a try. Pricey as well, but we shared and enjoyed it.

Saturday, we took advantage of Fulton County day and got into the art museum for free. We liked the first couple floors, but when we got to the modern art...I was actually not that impressed with some of the pieces they had. I guess I need to work on my appreciation. We were too late to see the Monet exhibit and Brice was pretty disappointed about that, but there will be a da Vinci exhibit next month, so we can try to go back for that. We tried to check out the library next, but things were crazy dowtown with the game going on and the Dragon Con parade (I don't know much about this, so please google, as needed). They also wanted us to pay $9 for parking, so we just gave up and went home.

Sunday, we were visited by Jessica's mom and she treated us to lunch at a Mexican restaurant. Not the type we're used to, we probably won't be back, but it was great to see her and have a visitor. We went to the cathedral (here on out referred to as CTK) and saw a couple people we'd met, so it was nice to see familiar faces. I signed us up to be a part of their marrieds group and we'll be assigned to a small group soon and we'll have events to go to with the larger group. We'll keep you posted on that. Brice found out about a laser and firework show at Stone Mountain. We packed up and headed out there after dinner. The place was nuts, probably 10,000 at Brice's estimate. We got there just in time to get a spot where we had a great view. Perfect timing for us.

Brice made us pancakes this morning in our new skillet (thank you Paul & Rosie) that were his best batch yet. He spent the morning working in the lab, learning more about what he's working on. He came home and picked me up so we could get our free chicken sandwiches at Chick-fil-a and then went back to work.

I have my first day of orientation tomorrow, which requires me getting up much earlier than I have in a long time, so I'm going to bed in just a minute.


  1. So glad you are having so much fun discovering everything Atlanta has to offer. Good luck tomorrow,
    Mom P.

  2. Me again. Keep exploring, meeting people, etc.
    Love Dad D.


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