Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lost sleep, lost game

Pin It Well, staying up all night went ok, but not great. I didn't get enough sleep before because sleeping during the day is very difficult when it is light and your neighbors are working in their carpentry shop. It was a pretty slow night and I ended up being sent to the peds ER where there was only one patient. So I learned about making splints for 3 hours and spent another 45 minutes taking online tests we have to do. The traffic was pretty bad on the way home, but it kept me awake. I was getting pretty exhausted by the time I pulled into the deck and I was out like a light when my head hit the pillow. I won't have any trouble sleeping all day after working, but before is going to be difficult. I'm there Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday this week. When you add in the travel time, it leaves me with exactly 8 hours to sleep. So don't expect to hear from me, I'll be sleeping and working. I learned a lot that night, but I didn't do much. I did have to deal with a deceased patient, if you want more details you can ask.

Last night we went to TGI Friday's for their $5 chicken sandwich deal. Nice treat and a great sandwich. We also enjoyed a rousing game of Bananagrams :-)

We went to the UNC game today with Brice's classmate and his friends visiting from Texas. We got very wet, as the rain is returning. Tonight we're going to a Mechanical Engineer Graduate Student Association (MEGA) barbecue (I believe this means we will be eating the food, BBQ). I'm pretty stoked about my first party with engineers--I expect it to be wild. I think I might wear a pocket protector :-)

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