Friday, September 11, 2009

Thank you

Pin It Just want to take a moment to say that we do remember and we say thank you to all of our heroes. All of your families are in our thoughts and prayers.

And praise for a good friend's successful surgery today. Please pray for complete eradication of cancer from her body.

Wellstar is an amazing place to work and you should work there too. I am properly conditioned to believe this now after Tuesday's orientation. It was a long day and some of it was not that interesting, but it was good to feel like I'm going somewhere with this whole job thing. We got lucky and got to leave early. I was so tired after though because I probably didn't get more than 5 hours of sleep. I can never say for sure though, because I refuse to look at the clock when I can't get to sleep, lest knowing how many hours of sleep I got makes me decide that I am tired the next day.

Wednesday I got to sleep it off some and my husband unfortunately had to make his own lunch and went off to school noteless, so you can imagine that the brightest spot of his day was missing. We had a classmate of his over for dinner (not the same one from before) and I made mashed potatoes and what appeared to be a great looking pound cake. It was not, however, an actually great pound cake. A portion at the center bottom of the pan did not bake all the way (I think this had something to do with needing to put the silicone pan on a cookie sheet). When I toothpick tested it, it came out clean, but it didn't go all the way down to the uncooked portion. It was only when I went to flip it out of the pan onto the cooling rack that the weight of the liquid cake now on the top collapsed the cooked cake below, resulting in a ring of cake. I managed to salvage a good bit and didn't even attempt to pass it off as correct to the boys. I told them what happened, served it with ice cream, and they said it was great. And if you think they were lying, you can ask my husband--I'm pretty sure they weren't.

Thursday orientation was better, more relevant to my job since it was about patient care. I also met two girls I'll be working with in the ED. Brice and I went to the football game against Clemson. It was a great one to get to, plenty of excitement and a win to boot. We had some trouble figuring out where we were supposed to sit, but it was a great evening.

We had dinner tonight at a grad student cookout--those engineers really know how to party. There were balloon animals, face painting, sno cones and cotton candy (so exciting for me because I wanted some at the game last night).

Brice's research options and decisions are changing and reforming quite often, so until he's settled I'll refrain from posting details. Prayers for him are appreciated.

I wrote those first two items last. And now I realize how much more grateful I am for all of the above.

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