Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thanks for checking in

Pin It I know, I know, it's been a really long time. Things are picking up around here for sure.

The weekend was very low-key since Brice wasn't feeling well. I stayed busy with all the chores I have been doing during the week but didn't get to because of working.

I had another three days of orientation Monday through Wednesday. Monday was me proving that I could do tasks that if I had not been able to do, I wouldn't have been able to enter nursing school in the first place (vital signs, changing a bandage). We practiced some phlebotomy in the afternoon with the people who have nursing jobs (this is drawing blood for the lay people). Tuesday was orientation in the ER with the other 6 young women in the same boat as me. We're all the same age and just graduated from nursing school. Two of them have licenses already and the others are waiting to take boards. An RN job was offered on the second day to one of the girls already licensed, so that was encouraging for us all.

Last night we went to a colorful pizza place just down the street to check out their trivia night with one of Brice's classmates we've had over for dinner. We didn't really come close to winning, but we all contributed and each had questions that we were the only one who knew the answer, so it's a good team. We'll probably be back.

Brice says to say he's "doing his thing" and "staying busy". Perhaps one of these days we can get him to post.

Saturday we're joining the young adult group at CTK for their fall kick-off party--a tailgate party before the Braves v. Phillies game. Should be a lot of fun for us. I have my first real shift on Sunday, not my regular hours though. We'll let you know how it goes.

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  1. I'm boycotting until the 4th and 5th grade love of my life (or just those 2 grades) writes a blog!


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