Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday--what day?

Pin It There hasn't been much to post about lately, so I hope no one has been hanging.

Sunday we visited the Lutheran church. We didn't meet anyone though and I don't think there's any kind of specific young adult group.

Monday we got our new license plate, so I think we're officially converted to a new state. Brice made his fajitas, but was disappointed because we had to buy a McCormick seasoning packet (he usually uses El Paso) and it had a strong lime flavor to it. I know some people out there enjoy that lime flavor in their Mexican food, but we don't get that unless it's in a margarita. We also got our new comforter from my uncle, so they bedroom is looking nice. I had a pre-employment physical and got to fill out all my paperwork to start orientation next week on Tuesday.

Brice is working on making a decision about which professor he's going to be doing research with. He says his preference changes every hour, so prayers for his decision-making are appreciated.

I'm making my first pork tenderloin this evening and I'm pretty excited about the recipe. We'll let you know how it goes.

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