Sunday, October 18, 2009

Doo doo doo-Doo doo doo doo doo....

Pin It In case you can't read the title with the correct rhythm and emphasis, this is the head swagger part of "Semi-Charmed Life" by 3eB. Oh yes, I am that cool as to use the abbreviation. And if only it were ten years ago, I would have been so cool on Friday night. But this seems to be the story of my life--cool, but ten years too late. The concert was fun, pretty cold, but fun. We realized standing there though that many of the people there were in elementary school when our favorites came out. Appropriately enough we spent all last weekend listening to Jessica's "Back in the Day" CD, which is a mix containing the best hits. So Jessica, I got to do the Doo doo doo head swagger LIVE. Try not to be too jealous :-)

I'm sure all of you are so surprised, but we did not get to the farmers market yesterday. We picked one out and were planning on getting up early to get there and back before a meeting Brice had at noon. We didn't wake up until after 9:30. The market is about 30 minutes away, so we figured by the time we got ready, we wouldn't have a lot of time. So I dropped Brice off at his meeting and went to the grocery store. Had a great trip until I realized at the check out that I didn't have enough and cash and I had no plastic. I had given my cards to Brice to carry at the concert the night before and hadn't gotten them back. I called him to get the credit card number and give it to the cashier, but after a lot of stress and agitation in a very busy Walmart they decided I couldn't do that. So I had to leave the groceries and drive home. I was given 20 minutes to get back. It took me 10 just to get out of the crazy parking lot. And when I returned, I had to get all of my cold items again because they had been put back in case they went bad (understandable), but somehow they thought that in the 30 minutes or so I took that my potatoes and my bananas would go bad as well. And my half price cinnamon rolls from the excess baked goods cart. I could get more produce, but the rolls were an irreplaceable surprise for my husband. It was a stressful trip to say the least that took two and a half hours instead of one like I planned.

I took a nap in the afternoon and unfortunately convinced Brice to do so as well and so he couldn't get to sleep until after 2.

We decided to try the last of the churches I had found online and had just settled on one Methodist church to go to when some more exploration of their site led me to have issues with it and so I looked at one other Methodist church I'd found. We just went to the service this morning, no Sunday School. They definitely won the "Friendliest Award" because every single person we saw welcomed us and most introduced themselves and the pastor came up to talk to us quite a bit prior to the service and afterwards. We met another young couple and another guy who is a grad student at Tech as well. Unfortunately, it seems other than the couple we met there are only about two more. It's a smaller church, more like ARPC, and an older crowd. They're very focused on outreach in the city and missions though and they seem to have a wonderful spirit among them for living their faith. Please keep us in your prayers for our search.

Brice has some work to do this afternoon and I have some chores to finish up before the week starts (and 3 magazines to read!). I work tomorrow night (Monday) and Thursday and Friday. Brice's brother-in-law will be in town for business this week, so I think they'll be getting together. Unfortunately, I will be left out. But I'm glad he'll have plans while I'm gone.

My brother is in Denver this weekend with Ashley and my Dad for Brian's welcome at Wellshire Pres. Congrats to him--they think he's great out there.

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