Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's the little things

Pin It Saturday morning was so great for me. I ended work relaxed and having had a good night and knowing I did not have to go back until Monday so I could sleep! Before I left, I was reminded of the friends I've begun to make at work and one of those friends gave me some of her popcorn (I mean really little things) and invited us to her church. I walked out to the car and the sun was just barely making an appearance in a just cold enough to feel cozy in your jacket morning. This church that I pass on the interstate everyday was lit up with just the perfect amount of artificial and natural light to look beautiful and serene. Saturday morning also meant no bad traffic and I pulled into the deck as it was finally getting to be daytime brightness. Walking up to the door of our apartment I could hear each of the three families that live in our little pod up with different kid sounds and silence from our childless apartment where I knew that 8:00 was still considered early. Ahhh. It's fun to hear all the families and it made me smile. It was just one of those morning alone times that makes me breathe deeply and say ah, life is Good.

I'll back up now...I worked Monday night for the first time off orientation, meaning there wasn't another tech with me to back me up. I felt it too, because I was on one of the levels that cares for more serious issues. It was so busy and there were so many blood draws to be done I simply couldn't keep up with the demand. Every single person was a "hard stick" and I didn't get blood from anyone all night. I felt a little better after confessing to the team leader (there is an extra nurse to pick up the slack in the two levels that are more "serious") that I was having a hard time keeping up. She assured me that these patients really were hard sticks and it was not just me. (And proceeded to have a very difficult time getting one of my failures herself and only partly succeeded.) What got me through the first eight hours was knowing I was moving to an easier level at 3. Then just before 3 I got a call that I was to stay. Bummer. So instead of moving on, I walked into another room to get blood. Unfortunately, this was a hard stick too, and while the nurse held the needle at a precarious angle, I ran to get an extra tube. I rounded a corner on the way back to the room and rolled my ankle with a pop heard round the room. I thought it was the type you can walk off until I took a step. Why didn't I get to go somewhere else? Anyway, I had to sit down, ice it, clock out, ended up being admitted because I couldn't get to the car and I couldn't get crutches without being seen. So I got an unnecessary x-ray and I got to see how the place looks from the other side. Luckily, I was not scheduled to work again until Thursday and leaving early at 6:30 meant the traffic was just picking up and not at a standstill. I spent a couple days trying to ice it and elevate it when I could stand it, and when I couldn't rolling around in Brice's desk chair either traditionally or with one leg walking with the hurt leg's knee resting on the seat. At any rate, I barely feel any pain now and I have only a hint of a limp.

Thursday was a great night at work where I got blood from everyone I stuck (go figure) and Friday was good too. The exception being that it took me an hour and ten minutes to get to work Friday afternoon, but splitting the difference with Saturday morning's traffic-free commute makes up for it, I guess.

I slept until 3:30 in the afternoon while Brice worked on papers for scholarship applications and read papers and graded papers. We had a party with the CTK marrieds group to go to in the evening so I started getting ready for that. We were asked to bring diapers or baby wipes for a service project, so we grabbed those on the way and off we went. It was catered by Willy's, a Mexican-type chain similar to Qdoba or Chipotle or something. Great food and much friendlier crowd than the young adult group from the Braves game. Brice had a really good time and said he really liked everyone, so I'm hoping we can get connected with a small group. They said there were about 40-50 couples in the large group and 10 new this year.

I was exhausted, so I went to bed around 11:30 and fell asleep easily, but I've been awake since 3:30 now. Probably finally hit my sleep quota, but not at a convenient time. I thought blogging and doing some e-mailing might help make me tired again.

I think we're going to go to the 5:30 mass at CTK to sleep in and help keep me on a night schedule. Unfortunately, I have a lot to do today before since I didn't get much done last week. We'll also be trying to follow Brice's brother, Keith, as he runs in the Marine Corps Marathon.

My brother found an apartment in Denver and he'll be flying back to Concord this week and then being ordained a week from today. We'll leave Friday afternoon and spend the weekend with the family, plus uncle, and enjoy our pseudo-Thanksgiving before the trick-or-treaters come on Saturday. Brian and Ashley will not be back for Thanksgiving or Christmas and aren't taking house guests this year, so this is our last shot at a family holiday before they move. (Halloween is just such an important holiday in our family :-) )

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  1. Glad to hear your ankle is feeling better. I've had a few of those pops myself - I made good friends with the tennis ball and for a while I had to keep both ankles wrapped in ace bandages just to give my ligaments a fighting chance. Ankles are pesky like that, I guess.


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