Thursday, October 8, 2009

Now where were we?

Pin It Working those three days in a row was tough. The first night is the hardest though, because it's so difficult to sleep during the day the first time. After you've worked 12 hours, it's easy to fall asleep the next day. I also know that it's less about the amount of sleep, and more about resetting your rhythm to be awake at night. After the final night, I really didn't feel the need to go to bed immediately so I stayed up until Brice woke up so we could hang out a little before he went to class. I had intended to make him breakfast, but once I laid down I had trouble getting back up. So instead my perfect husband made us both breakfast in bed. I ended up waking up around 5, which was disappointing to know that was my day. Of course then I was up until after 4. I just felt like my days were wasted away. It would be one thing if I didn't need to be quiet at night, I could just do laundry and all that stuff then. Working three nights is more like giving up 5 days. I'm not really a fan of it if you can't tell.

I picked Brice up from school Friday afternoon and we were going to try to make a dinner we'd had at Friendly's on our honeymoon, but Brice wasn't feeling well so he just took a nap for a while and I made some ham and Swiss turnovers (very easy meal--ask if you're interested).

Brice's parents came to visit Saturday. We had leftover turnovers for lunch and headed out to the aquarium. I was really excited to go because even though I don't talk about the ocean constantly anymore, I'm still a very big fan. They had a Beluga whale that was really cool and they're getting dolphins next year. There were also four whale sharks that we watched for a while and also saw them getting fed. We walked around downtown a bit too, and then we were treated to buffalo burgers. The four of us went to CTK in the morning and then I had to get some sleep to work that night. It was a nice visit, and we encourage more from our readers :-)

The three nights this week went pretty well, but I think I've decided that I'm not really an ER nurse at heart. I like following the care of a patient too much. I'm just different from the other nurses, so I'm hoping I can find a position somewhere else since if I get a job in the ER, I can't transfer for 6 months. I ended up staying up nearly all day yesterday and only slept two hours and then went to bed at a regular time last night.

Tonight we watched Jim and Pam get married on the Office, congrats to them in their fictional world. Tomorrow I am driving to Nashville to see Jess and Heather is flying in so the three of us can hang out this weekend. I haven't seen Jessica since a few days before we moved here and Heather since our wedding. Don't worry, I made sure there is plenty of food for my husband :-) He is probably getting a visit from Danny and Andy sometime, too.

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  1. You MUST get a picture of Jess, Heather and you in TN.
    Love, Dad


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