Thursday, October 15, 2009

The prettiest country from Georgia to Tennessee

Pin It The reunion weekend was a lot of fun. Heather posted pictures she took on Facebook that you should be able to see because I am tagged even if you are not friends with her. The drive really wasn't too bad, though through the mountains there are very few radio stations (we're talking probably 5) and I forgot my Bon Jovi CD. I had some pretty bad rain too that I just kept driving in and out of. It took about four hours but Jessica's place was easy to find. She lives in quite the swanky complex and the apartment is very large and girly. Pretty different looking from ours since it's three single girls. Heather's flight was delayed, but we finally got her around eight after circling the Nashville airport in and out of their "10 minute parking" spaces. We had dinner out and got to see downtown Nashville Friday night and meet her friends. Saturday started out with an amazing pancake place where we wait in a line out on the sidewalk for 30-45 minutes--totally worth it though. We spent some time exploring shops in that area and downtown for souvenirs for Shannon (huge country music fan) and we walked across a pedestrian bridge where Jessica received a present from a Nashville bird. On her nose. You can see the face she made after the incident among the pictures. Jess made us her vegetarian chili for dinner that we shared with one of her roommates who also joined us for ice cream at Sweet Cece's. It's a place just like Sweet Frog's in Richmond where you fill your cup with as much frozen yogurt as you want and all the toppings you want and then pay by weight. Sunday morning we went to the church Jess has decided to go to and then got sandwiches for a picnic in the park. This park has a replica of the Parthenon because apparently, Nashville is the Athens of the south. Who knew? It was a weekend of great food, fun, and friends. Jessica is very happy there and is encouraging us to move there as well since it is just the greatest place ever to her. She's been very blessed to have everything work out so well for her with a wonderful city to explore that she otherwise wouldn't have moved to, a great area to live, and wonderful friends who are kind and supportive and share her values.

I got home in time to watch the season finale of Army Wives with Brice. He was biting his nails worrying I wouldn't make it in time.

Nothing too exciting happened at work this week. I got to work really early Monday because apparently lots of people had Columbus day off (I had no idea anyone had this off anymore). And I was allowed to go home early. I was going to stay, but when I realized I could make it home in maybe just 30 minutes, I was out of there. Next week I am supposedly off orientation and working independently. Pray that I get better at blood draws, because otherwise I might have some angry nurses.

I applied to a few jobs that are posted for Kennestone this week and have already been turned down for one. I might apply for a few outside the hospital but still within the system tomorrow. I hate to go outside the system for the time being since the benefits are good and I'd like to just stay with them until next year at least.

We have cookies coming out of the oven soon, a nice treat. Real butter and Mexican vanilla are the secrets to amazing cookies. I'm going to make apple crisp in the next couple of days because last week I got really excited about the great sale on bags of apples and completely forgot we had a bag from Brice's parents until I opened the fridge to put the new bag in.

Tomorrow night we're going to a Third Eye Blind concert that is here for homecoming. Saturday morning we might finally get to a farmer's market and I'd like to do some shopping around for cell phone plans since my phone is becoming more and more worthless every day. Any endorsements for a particular network are welcome, especially keeping in mind that we don't have a landline and we'd like to have our free minutes at 7 or something like that instead of 9 so that we could possibly call more than one person a night.

I'll try to post again this weekend since I'm working Monday, Thursday, and Friday next week. If you use Google calendar and are interested in seeing my work schedule, let me know and I'll give you access to see it.


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