Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Adventures in cooking

Pin It Years ago there was a store at the Colonie Town Mall called "As Seen on TV". This was many years before the one at Concord Mills. My dad and my uncle once had a grand time shopping at this store one Thanksgiving, and as a result, several of us received presents from it. I got a set of Pocket Gourmet(s): The ultimate cooking tool! (It's this plastic half-moon that hinges to a full circle, line with dough and fill with something and then crimp together.) We made apple turnovers frequently for about a month, and didn't really use them after this. Sometime after we got married I started talking about making stuff shells and I decided that I could get those and give it a go. So this weekend when I was home, I took them and my dad said that was fine, as long as I took pictures. (Don't have them yet, Dad, but they're coming.)

I decided to do the whole "surprise dinner" on Monday night and that was all the info I gave Brice. Everything was going really well up until right after he called me to tell me he was on his way home. I had just begun rolling out my dough and I found that all it wanted to do was spring back into itself. I had gotten my dough recipe and instructions from the booklet that came with the Pocket Gourmet, so I checked the internet and found I hadn't had the best advice. When Brice walked through the door there was a mess of flour and dough all over the kitchen table. Luckily, the meat sauce had turned out great and we were able to just cook up some plain old spaghetti.

I tried again last night and managed to successfully make some tasty stuff shells, albeit oddly shaped after boiling. So, basically I am looking for pasta dough tips. And I would like to say that just having this tool does not make the creation of stuff shells easy. It works much better for apple turnovers.

I got the oil changed today and then went fabric shopping and inspiration seeking for our stockings. I think I have a good idea, but I might go back to the store next week to see what else they get in their next shipment before I start cutting and sewing.

We're going to trivia night at the pizza place just down the street where we've been before tonight. And tomorrow night, I'm back to work. Just two days, but then I'm back again for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week.

Brice has been very busy working on school stuff the past couple of nights. I had to buy food coloring for a project involving a robot transporting a container of water, but I'm not sure of all the details on this.

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  1. Wish I had some tips, but I've never attempted pasta dough. You're brave!!!
    Mrs. P


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