Sunday, November 22, 2009

Holidays are comin'...

Pin It I had class on Monday and Tuesday this week, which was partly nice because we ended earlier than expected and I was able to make dinner (Bleu cheese burgers). Wednesday night I delved into pork sirloin with my first efforts at some sort of braising. Turned out tasty, but it took a little longer than I had planned and made me late getting out the door to go to church.

I worked Thursday and Friday nights, which were good nights, and stopped at a Bojangle's on my way home yesterday morning for Brice. It was quite an adventure due to the Bojangle's being quite a distance from the interstate and an incredibly vague sign about which way to go. I slept until about one and then we headed out to an estate sale someone from work was having. There wasn't much left when we got there, but we got a couple small things. We went to church at 5:30 and then I made a very hurried dinner of Asian stir-fry and we flew out the door to get to the Atlantic Station Christmas tree lighting.

We rolled out a little before 7:30 (that's when it was supposed to happen) and figured we'd just park in the deck from the entrance closest to us. We entered the deck at 7:31. At 7:52, we had no spot still and we were becoming incredibly claustrophobic. There's this show in town, Cavalia, and a lot of the parking in the deck is roped off for that, plus everyone else was there for the event. We drove around and looked at things and then decided maybe we could park at the nearby Target and walk from there. Other people had the same idea, but we did find a spot and we heard the countdown to the lighting about 15 seconds before we could see it. They had fake snow blowing, which will apparently be a regular scheduled occurrence there from now until Christmas (you know you're in GA when...) plus horse and carriage rides weekly. We walked into a couple stores to give us that Christmas shopping feeling and saw the last five minutes of their showing of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" before we went home.

We had pancakes this morning (mine with M&Ms and Brice's with chocolate chips) and I'll be going back to bed soon for another night of work. I don't have to leave as early though since it's Sunday, so that's nice. I have a test for the class I took on Tuesday and after that, an interview!!! The hospital is finally going to start trying to place us in RN positions. We'll be headed home to Concord after that for a short Thanksgiving visit with Brice's family before I have to work again.

And now, a shout out to the birthday brother, the Revered Brian Daoust!

One of the commercials that makes me feel Christmasy (and the inspiration for the title of this post), followed by my favorite Christmas and Coke commercial ever:
My favorite

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