Monday, November 2, 2009

The Reverend Brian Daoust

Pin It I guess that title qualifies as a spoiler.

Last week I did my OCC shopping and made a box for us to send that I think turned out very well. You can actually track your box this year somehow, so maybe we can do that. The Target trip was majorly exciting and got me really stoked for Christmas, especially since I was already on to Thanksgiving. Our whole family will be really disappointed at the end of this month when there's no big celebration.

I got all of our stuff together and packed up to pick up Brice from his office hours. The trip up was long and frustrating as we sat in traffic for a long time and our attempt to bypass some was completely unsuccessful. Brice finally got his Bojangle's fix though, which included a small container of the special seasoning to take home and a half gallon of free tea as well.

We spent some time Saturday with Brice's parents before our Thanksgiving dinner. Guests included my immediate family and our new spouses, my mom's brother, and three family friends that usually join us for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a great get together.

The same crowd all showed up Sunday morning to see my brother ordained. It was so great to see so many people that had come to see him all over the church and I know it meant a lot to him to see so many of them. Everyone at the church was so proud that he was finally there and looking back on how hard he had worked and how important the moment was made plenty of people pretty emotional. We're so proud of you, Brian.

Everyone came back to the house, this time plus Ashley's family, and we all ate and celebrated together. We packed everything up, including 4 boxes of Christmas decorations that I have to find a place to store, and had an early dinner with Brice's parents.

It was a great weekend and wonderful to see everyone.

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