Saturday, November 14, 2009


Pin It Three nights of work in a row is more draining than I remember. But they were an easy few nights and I got lucky with all the blood draws and foleys and didn't have any major issues. No huge traffic problems either. I find myself really excited the last night I work anyway, so it's always easier.

Thursday was just a sleeping and chore day and we had quesadillas for dinner that Brice had been craving. Our TV was acting funny and kept cutting out, so we decided to watch the Office later. Our remote has completely quit on us so we are getting more exercise and being thankful that the distant between the couch and the TV is so small. (This is also preventing us from renting the movie UP because we can't put the TV on input.)

I had a doctor's appointment Friday to get referrals for new specialists since my work insurance just kicked in. It was a nice drive there once I was off the interstate along a winding road through rolling hills covered in brightly colored trees and some of the biggest homes I have ever seen. I did our grocery shopping and went home to start on my ham dinner with real macaroni and cheese and apple crisp. (I hate to eat leftovers on the days I am home and have time to cook.)

Today we finally got to the Dekalb Farmer's Market. It's huge and busy, but really cool. There's actually a lot of packaged things, but different things you wouldn't find other places and it's all arranged by the type of food rather than by each individual farmer, due to how much there is. We picked up some large quantities of cheap spices and then got bread, cheese, a couple meats, and bananas to have a picnic in the park. We also got some great hamburger buns so we can make bleu cheese burgers tomorrow night.

The park was nice again and we saw pretty much the same sights as last week: a wedding, professional pictures being taken and lots and lots of dogs. It's just the right amount of busy.

I've been doing a little research about which phone plan we want to go with. I have employee discounts for AT&T and Verizon so we're going to take the information we have to the stores tomorrow and try to get this figured out. We do have a landline now, so if you are reading this and would like that number, just shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment. We can't call you because there is no long distance, but you are encouraged to call us at this number. Having it will really cut down on cell minutes we need.

There's an exhibition basketball game tonight that Brice is going to go to for a little while with Vince. He can't get me in, but I told him if I were him, I'd go and leave him here :-) I'm probably going to go hit up some sales at Publix while he's gone.

Tomorrow we're going to church early to enjoy the free (this seems to be so rare) pancake breakfast at church. Yum. We might go to the driving range again, but it's going to be nice again so Brice wants to do something outside for sure.

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