Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Varsity, Bojangle's, and Friendly's

Pin It Thursday and Friday were good nights at work. Thursday was just an easy night for me with the locations I worked in and Friday was easy, but pretty boring. I finally had an easy commute in on Friday and Saturday traffic is nothing, so that was nice. It was my first time back to work since the time change and the switch between the dark and light commutes of morning and evening is a little strange to get used to.

I came home and Brice made pancakes for us and I ate them in partial consciousness and then went to bed until around 3. We finally went to Piedmont Park for a walk and it was great. They do charge for parking, but it's a large, beautiful park of which I am happy to say it appears citizens do take advantage. There were lots of people and a wedding and a family taking portraits. We had a nice walk and then decided to finally get to the Varsity. I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to food and I enjoyed it and the experience, but Brice was a little disappointed with his chili dog. But we've been, and it was during part of the game, so we got to watch it on the TV and see other fans enjoy dining there and cheering on the yellow jackets.

We slept late today to try to help me stay on the night schedule and then Brice took me for my first experience at the driving range. It was a bit of a drive, but a nice one through Decatur. I enjoyed it, though I blame my inability to make my ball go as high as Brice's on his clubs being too big for me. We made a quick run to the grocery store and went to church. There was a young couple sitting next to us that was engaged and I planned to introduce ourselves more formally than the welcome at the beginning, but they were one of those couples that leaves before then of the last song.

Tonight we tried to recreate an amazing sandwich I had at Friendly's on our way to Cape Cod. It's chicken fingers tossed in Buffalo sauce with cheddar and bacon on toasted bread. Brice still has a lot of Bojangle's seasoning the guy there gave him and so he decided to make french fries. The whole meal turned out pretty well, but we have some improvements for the next time. We're looking forward to trying it again.

This week I'm working Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.


  1. Mmmmm I love chicken finger sandwiches! I like mine with cheddar cheese on top. The one you described sounds awesome though. Are they still crispy with the sauce on?

  2. Yeah, these have cheddar too. The fingers at the restaurant are still crispy, it's just like boneless buffalo wings at Chili's or something. Ours were never really crispy to begin with, just breaded. But still very good. Just needs different bread, a bit more cheese, and a bit more sauce.


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