Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Pin It Even though our most loyal readers know exactly how we spent our Christmas, for the sake of those who don't, and all of our memories years from now, here is my attempt at remembering the events.

We had great fun with our tree and decorating the apartment. Things got pretty crazy during this time and we got a bit behind on things as we both tried to get Christmas preparations done. My husband was very helpful, even surprising me with ironing (remember ladies, he's taken). Not sure if I mentioned, but Brice did get a new TV--an early Christmas present to himself. He's very satisfied with it and reiterates that sentiment quite often. He did his shopping early and had all of my presents neatly wrapped under the tree. I had switched days on my work schedule in the hopes of getting back to Concord early enough to see Brice's sister and family (in the end, we just missed each other by hours) so I worked some very close days the weekend before Christmas (Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday) and found myself stretched a little thin. At least I was able to stay on a night schedule and therefore stayed up until 6am that Saturday night making our stockings I had not yet finished, or started (Note: the stockings were not actually so elaborate that I needed to stay up that late, it was just part of my rhythm.) Since the woman I switched days with had an 11-7 shift Sunday night, we were actually able to make it to the first get-together with the small group from the marrieds group at the church. Our hosts were a very nice couple and we enjoyed meeting everyone. Two of the couples were not able to make it, but it was good to finally meet the others.

We left as soon as I got home from work Tuesday morning and were able to see Jessica and her mom that night after having dinner with my parents. Brice went out golfing with his brother and two friends on Wednesday while I did some shopping with his youngest brother. We were able to make it to McAdenville with Heather and Stephen, but ran into some bad traffic since we went later than usual. Christmas eve my parents had the usual suspects from Christmas day over for dinner (with ham, partly courtesy of Wellstar) and then we went to church with my parents. We went over to Brice's parents after that and hung out until Midnight Mass.

Early Christmas morning was with my parents and then we commuted over to open presents with Brice's family. My parents came over later to join us for dinner and couple hours before we had to leave. It was a short visit, but very good to see everyone.

While we were home, I was offered a job on a post-surgical unit and I accepted it. My start date is January 10th and I'll be signing the paperwork next week. Woo hoo!

I worked this past weekend (yes, my entire birthday was working and sleeping) and Brice decided he'd like to go back to Concord to spend some more time with his family. He left yesterday morning giving me a couple of days/nights here to catch up on sleep and do some much-needed chores.

Many thanks to all for their lovely Christmas cards. We have enjoyed receiving each one. We hope that everyone had a meaningful Christmas with family and friends and that you will have a safe and happy new year.

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