Thursday, December 31, 2009

Home sweet home

Pin It I really like my little house. I call it a house quite often because I like to imagine it that way and it's really only once I step outside my front door (the only door to the outside, but again, I call it the front door) that I am once again thrown into the reality of the student housing we live in. Not that I want an actual house right now because it would mean mowing a lawn and gardening and worrying about the roof and basically just a lot more work. But house sounds so much better to me than apartment.

One of the things I like most is that it is so small. On most days, this is its virtue. The only time it isn't really is when I am trying to put things away and realize at a certain point, there is no more away. If it had a large walk-in storage closet and a little more space in the spare room for a double air mattress, it would be perfect. It seems to fit our needs quite nicely for the time being and I want to try to remember this as years go by and we acquire more "stuff" that we should be able to subsist on only what will fit into a small two bedroom apartment and the rest can go. The only reason to me for more space would be to be able to accommodate more visitors, i.e. a larger kitchen table, a dining room, and rooms and baths for others. Hold me to this, dear readers, and let me only have rooms for all of you large enough for your visits and not for endless acquisition of fantastical trinkets.

The past couple of days I have been here by myself and it has afforded me the time to take care of chores and catch up on sleep that I have missed (Without Brice, I have been operating on a complete night schedule.). I very much enjoy taking care of our little home and then spending some time just enjoying being in it. Perhaps I am a homebody then, but I certainly welcome others to join me in it.

To the regular readers: I realize this is not your usual update, but as things are becoming a little less updateable around here, I may be reverting to my random musings. Hopefully this is not boring, but if so, feel free to just check back for whenever I post the next update.


  1. This is my favorite of your blogs thus far. Enjoyed it immensely and second your desire for more space only for people and not stuff.

  2. I like this kind of post, too. Obviously - because it's pretty my my entire blog :)

    We call the apartment the 'house' too - partly out of habit, and partly because (at least for me) house sounds more like home, whereas apartment sounds like postgrad miserable college living. But maybe that's just me.

    I completely get your affinity for smallness. Not that our last house was huge, but I have really enjoyed having a smaller place. It feels more cosy and 'fitting,' not to mention it's easier to look after.


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