Thursday, December 10, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

Pin It So last night we got our very first married Christmas tree. They're a little harder to come by here in the big city. At home, you could name six or eight places, but here I hadn't passed a single lot. I asked a woman at work who lives in this area and she recommended a place. We started out going there but decided to just drive to a certain area and see if there were any lots. As we were passing Home Depot we decided to give that a go. Kiser was on my mind and it was no Kiser (as I kept pointing out to Brice how "At Kiser they always..."), but we found a Douglas Fir, so it's a bit different from what we are used to (fluffier looking with longer needles and lighter branches). We had them cut a foot off the bottom so it's about up to my nose or eyes. It has white lights and all my ornaments that I collected last year, plus an our first Christmas ornament and two others we picked up on our honeymoon. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my angel, so Brice has our Rudolph and Clarice kissing stuff animals sitting atop, which I think makes for a very romantic topper. I'll post pictures on facebook tomorrow.

Brice finished with his exam on Tuesday and finished up his TA on Wednesday, so he had his first real day off today. He's not sure when he'll find out his grades, but I told him I'd give him a raise in his allowance if they were good :-) We both needed haircuts so I scheduled appointments for both of us at Aveda today. It was a much longer experience than Brice ever had (about 2 hours) and he felt the student cutting his hair hadn't cut a man's hair before. It took a village because I saw about four people look at it at various times. My girl was great, just gave me a trim and then I asked her to curl it because we have my work Christmas party tonight. It's actually already started, but we're being fashionably late.

I have a lot of Christmas shopping to try to get done tomorrow between the internet and stores, plus a few groceries I didn't get at Publix today. I thought I'd get more chores done today, but the hair took much longer than we expected. I'll probably go back, but Brice wants a different girl if he does. He thinks it'll be soon too since it's not as short as he likes to get it. It still looks very nice though.

I'm hoping to feel rested enough to spend some time Saturday morning at Atlantic Station for the Good Housekeeping Research Institute mobile lab that is touring and stopping by Atlanta this weekend.

Finally, I think I'll be having a job interview next week. No date or time, but I was asked about my schedule. And the best news is that somehow, I accidentally didn't get scheduled to work Christmas Eve (shhh, I'm horribly afraid if I say it too much I will lose this good fortune). So I'm able to get a few days that we can be home.

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