Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Free weekends

Pin It This month, I am in possession of two work-free weekends. One just occurred and started with a nice evening of going out with another couple from our small group and another couple they knew. We went to an event called "Martinis and Imax" at the natural history museum. It was a beautiful museum and they had a bar there with a band playing some Sinatra and dancing. Very fun and nice to spend time with new people.

We finally got to sleep in and then we went to the library and grocery shopping on Saturday. I made chicken pesto quesadillas with roasted red peppers--an idea we got from something I ordered on our honeymoon. We invited Brice's friend from school over for the evening to watch the football game.

Sunday night we made our Friendly's sandwiches again. We didn't have tenderloins this time so I had to cut regular breasts in half and they were more difficult to cook through. The bread was more appropriate though since I picked up some Italian to keep in the freezer and use PRN (hehe, as needed). We also tried making these "healthy" onion rings we saw on Rachael Ray. Here's a link to the recipe.

Special congratulations shout-out to my cousin Megan and her new fiance, Gerad! We'll be celebrating during the "summer of weddings" on July 2nd in Cooperstown, NY.


  1. Glad you were able to enjoy a much deserved "normal" weekend.
    Curious if the onion rings recipe is a keeper?

  2. the quesadillas sound amazing...you and jess are hard to keep up with in the kitchen these days!


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