Sunday, February 7, 2010


Pin It I apologize for not updating much lately. I actually don't have much of an excuse since I've had more time on my hands, but I guess I've just been enjoying it in other ways.

My new job is going well. I am learning a lot and finding out where my weaknesses are. Every week to every other week I have a residency class. These are at the development center for usually a little less than eight hours. It's all new graduates and we watch presentations on different subjects (Friday's class was focused on medications) and I have compared it to a "support group" for new grads.

Brice judged a fifth grade science fair on Tuesday this past week. He enjoyed talking to the kids about their projects (though he stated he was challenged by how to hear them--crouch, stoop, or bend) and challenging them to think beyond their experiments.

Yesterday we went out to do a little clothes shopping for Brice. We found a fantastic end-of-winter deal on a microsuede jacket for him and Calvin Klein sweater--he looked very sharp last night at a dessert party we went to with the marrieds group.

We're not attending a Superbowl party, or hosting one, but we are having the food. We're making boneless Buffalo wings with celery, chorizo queso dip, and our "healthy" onion rings I posted about recently.

I didn't try any new recipes this week, just old stand-bys, but I did already start planning ideas for our meatless Fridays. Don't try to Google "meatless meals" though and have much success if you have a husband who won't eat fish. Does anyone have any unique ideas? Anyone giving up anything particularly interesting for Lent?

Happy birthday to Ramona!

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