Friday, February 26, 2010


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Well, this won't be a long one because I am short on time this morning. (But keep reading if you feel the need for more!) I briefly considered writing ahead of time yesterday afternoon to be ready for this morning, but I can't remember what happened.

I have to hurry and get some things done this morning because at noon I am going to trek over to my husband's campus to have lunch with him. For some reason this is something we haven't tried. I could use the walk and I'll get to see him hard at work.

Things are going pretty well for us lately with work and school, but I do have to work this weekend, which is always a little sad. Not much new around here--just watching a lot of Olympics. I am quite satisfied with the ladies' figure skating results (as though the judges would call and ask if I was). The gold was very much deserved and I am glad Joannie Rochette won something. (By the way, try to read her name with a bit of French flair and not like the American announcers who repeatedly butchered her name. Sorry, I'm French Canadian.)

I certainly love my title today and I miss the days where watching that 2 hour line-up with the same name was the highlight of my week. A particular show on it, Boy Meets World, was my show. I joined a Facebook group saying that I learned everything I ever needed to know from it, and that's hardly a joke for me. This was actually the show my brother based our wedding homily on. I wish there were such good shows still on for kids that age (because I would watch them). Any other TGIF lovers out there?


  1. I guess I am about to age myself, but I have NEVER seen that show! I do remember TGIF but I remember the show with Urkel, primarily and I didn't watch it much because I was in college and preferred other forms of entertainment on Friday nights!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy lunch with hubby!

  2. I loved TGIF! We'd have sleepover parties with neighborhood kids to watch. My favorites were Full House and Family Matters and Step by Step (when I managed to stay awake that late).

    In the French Canadian pronunciation vein, are you supportive of Brian's move to change Daoust to 'Doe' "and be done with it"? I figure, if we're going to get our names changed we should go with something more meaningful than Doe, like Schultz (he boos this, we'd go from too many vowels to too many consonants) or even Keon (he likes this, we'd still be unique but easier to spell). My brother is talking about changing his last name to our mom's maiden name, too - our grandfather's only progeny came from daughters and there are no more Bowdens, and since my dad has another son, HIS name will still be carried. Or something like that.

  3. Actually, no, I'm not supportive. Maybe I don't have the right to say because it's no longer my last name, but I do still use it. I already think it's shameful that the punctuation was changed and Doe would just be more shameful Americanization. If I was going to change it, I'd change it back.

  4. TGIF I remember it. I don't think I watched any of it though. I do remember Boy Meets World. Maybe I did watch some. Seems like forever ago. I can't remember if I was already married or still in college. That's how old I am...I can't remember :/ Brain cells don't fire like they used to.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. We don't watch a lot of TV around here (that's what happens when you don't own one, although there's a ton of stuff to watch online these days), but I wish they would have shows like that. I don't think you can get shows like that unless you have cable and it's like Disney Channel. Do kids even wake up to watch Saturday morning cartoons anymore?

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. ah, I LOVED TGIF and especially boy meets world, like you. My husband loved that one too. You just made me extremely nostalgic.

  7. Hi there! I lived TGIF growing up too. I remember watching every episode of boy meets world. :)

    Hope you had a great lunch with your DH. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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