Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I like to boogie

Pin It So I am a night owl once again. I apologize for the lapse in posts. I didn't post a couple of weeks ago because we were planning a surprise visit to Concord and then with the switch to nights, I just never got back.

My last post was from the day before the Walk for Lupus NOW. There were warnings about lack of parking, so participants were told to take the MARTA to the station just up the street from us and take a shuttle to the park from there. The park is actually on the same street we live on, just about a 30 minute walk east. We decided to make that part of our walk. It's extremely well attended here (about three times as many people as Charlotte) and the design of the park allows for much more exposure, and therefore awareness.

Brice and I headed to Concord as soon as I got home from my last day shift, Friday before last. We'd talked about going to see our moms the weekend before, but we would have missed the Lupus Walk. Instead, I we got a two-for-one deal by surprising my dad on his birthday. We stayed over with Brice's parents late Friday night and then drove over to my parents' in the morning. Brice had plans to meet up with his friends whom he has seen only once since our wedding, so he headed out to play golf and enjoy a day and night at Badin Lake. I spent the day with my mom getting our hair done, having lunch, and picking up my bridesmaid dress for Heather's wedding. We all got dressed up for the church dinner dance and headed out for that. It's great to see these events from the other side, without having to do all the planning. The kids in the Senior Highs right now are really stand outs and some of the best kids to go through that group.

The Monday after we got back was my first night. I have to say, working nights is so much easier if you have done it before. I immediately fell back into it and I absolutely love the idea of nights. If I could work nights and not miss time with my husband or feel like I had less time to do chores and errands or not miss fun night time social events and not have bad traffic, I would love it. I much prefer the night life and I am far more agreeable at 4pm than 5am.

Brice had a first day too, starting his summer class. He has a math class Monday Wednesday Friday and he still goes in to work all day in the lab. His professor is in Spain for the summer, but there's no goofing off. The students are using a crane in the lab here from Spain (boggles the mind, huh?) and had a little malfunction. Brice had to go over to the lab and fix it so the students could finish their assignment. Never thought my grad student husband would be "on-call". He was also given a translation assignment once the professor saw him communicating with the students in Spanish.

I was supposed to work the whole weekend, but replaced Saturday with Thursday so that my preceptor could go to her son's high school graduation. It was nice because it opened up Saturday for us to go to the Renaissance Festival. We had fun even though for an hour or so it rained off and on and we got soaked. But we dried and saw some fun shows. We decided to grill out (not barbecue--I'm getting this now with like 95% accuracy!) bleu cheese burgers with corn again. I highly recommend grilling your corn. Brice says it is comparable to boiled hot dog vs. grilled hot dog. Publix also has some outstanding hamburger buns. I hope we still have some nice weather for more grilling (read: not too buggy or humid). We've done it three times now and it's just so nice. We spend the whole time outside together since it's not like we have a grill on the deck and we're out there for a couple of hours preparing, cooking, and eating.

I worked Sunday night and made it to Bible study on Monday for the third time in a row. Quite a record--I think they might start to remember what I look like :-) Our hope is to have more seating at the new apartment (oh, yeah, we're moving--I guess I didn't mention) so we will be hosting the second week in August. Gives us a nice deadline to not waver too long with getting things set up.

So yes, we'll be moving the end of July. It's a place a little further north with lots of amenities, more closet space, and a nice area, walking distance from the library. We're very excited about it and all the new possibilities it offers.

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  1. Life sounds good. So happy for you both. Glad to hear the Spanish is still there.
    Mom P.


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