Friday, June 11, 2010


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Tomorrow is our anniversary. Not our wedding anniversary, but important all the same. My husband and I will have been "together" for eight years.
I know since I'm a newlywed, many will hear this and roll their eyes, but--I think my husband is the best one in the whole world.

When I worked days (and most of the nights I worked) he made my lunch for me and slipped in a note. Every time I make dinner he tells me several times how good it smells or looks and always thanks me afterward. He does the dishes for me and he tries very hard to remember to wash the towels each week. He even folds and rotates them for me. And even though I have compulsive rules about cleanliness and "contamination" (I'm a nurse--I can't help it!), he knows it's important to me so he does try.
Most importantly, he is a good friend--he's nice. He calls on his way home (though I almost never answer because I'm busy with the phone across the room--sorry, honey!). He asks about my day. He tries to find things I would be interested in and encourages interests and discourages me from my tendency to not spend money on things for me. He only plays video games when I'm not around (or sometimes if I'm busy with a project). And he puts the toilet seat--and lid!--down.
During our pre-marital counseling, our couple offered a question they still ask one another when an issue comes up--who has the greater need? I think this has been extremely worthwhile to remember for both of us. There are a group of issues where it is me usually, and a group where it is him usually. However, I have to say, I think my husband lives this much more than I. I'm not sure others always realize all that he is as my husband when he is being their teacher/classmate/friend/son/brother, but however wonderful he appears in those roles will never exceed this one.

It's been a wonderful eight years and even though we have a wedding anniversary to celebrate now, it's hardly where the journey began and I know I'll continue to observe this one.

Hardly aged a day...


  1. Congrats! Isn't it wonderful to have a sweet husband?

  2. happy together-versary! that time does count for something...when it all start. when i'm not feeling so loving towards the hubs (happens when there 2 kids to tend to), i try to remember back to those early days and it helps to be reminded of how much we love each other through the busyness of life.

    sounds like you've got a keeper there. enjoy your time together, and happy early anniversary to you too. =)

    just read about a great 1st anniversary gift. don't ask why i still read wedding blogs when it's been almost 5 years since the's a bad addiction. it could be worst. =p


  3. Alicia-Thanks! It certainly is!

    Joyce-Thanks for the idea--I've been dreaming up all kinds of paper gifts in anticipation. I can say one because I got it today after searching for "pottery" for the 8th anniversary. It's a basket made out of old magazines twisted in strips and woven together with a cute little "recycle" sign on it for our papers. I love it! I told Brice it was the best I could do and at least it was paper, so it was an early first anniversary present.

  4. It is truly a ble3ssing to have a wonderful spouse - and it inspires you to be a wonderful spouse when you know just how blessed you are! Congratulations of this important milestone - may the Lord bless each day of your marriage with His presence!

  5. I'm pumped! Our first anniversary is Sunday. I wish the stinky old military hadn't kidnapped him for a year, so he would be home for it, but we decided we're going to take the birthdays, Mothers/Fathers Day & anniversary & have one HUGE party when he comes home. :)

    Congrats on your togetherversary. :)

  6. Thank you so much for leaving that pipe cleaner comment! That is hilarious!

  7. Happy anniversary Kelley and Brice! I remember those early days well and miss our double dates + Jessica! Maybe one day we can reinstate them with Stephen. Love y'all and see you at Jenny's wedding next weekend!


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