Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What happened next

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We had a great Memorial weekend. I won't go to bed any earlier than about 1 am now, so our days have to start a little later. Saturday took us to the Decatur Arts Festival. The forecast was a little uncertain, so we held off until Sunday to spend some time outside. We bundled up and headed to the farmer's market and a bakery where a Food Network challenger works then had a picnic with our finds in the courtyard here. The park was occupied by the jazz festival that was $15 just to park. There wasn't enough time for it to really be worth it for us. Since we're moving, we decided to look into some new items by going to IKEA for a little browsing and then heading off to evening church. We finally saw The Blindside, which was great, though extremely sad in the beginning. It was another one of those movies where I have a tendency to talk with the accent of the main character afterward.

Monday we went to the Braves v. Phillies game. It was hot, but fun, with lots of tributes to the military. There was a Beach Boys concert after, which I found to be quite a thrill. To round out the holiday, we had hot dogs, pasta salad, pickles, and chips.

After working Thursday and Friday, I attempted to do it all by attending a baby shower for a woman in my Bible study without going to bed. I took a nap for a few hours and then we went out for our swanky dinner reservation--at Chick-fil-a. The area stores were taking reservations for a free new spicy chicken sandwich. From there we went to the Coca-Cola film festival at the Fox to see Jaws. We sat in the balcony since it was something we'd never done and had a good time.

Brice had gone golfing in the morning while I was at the shower and part of my nap time. He was pretty sore on Sunday and I was still tired, so we had a nice lazy Sunday.

Monday night was my first night off of orientation. The night started out a little bumpy, but I assumed that it would and by the morning, I was feeling quite good. I'm very satisfied with the career, hospital and unit I've chosen to work on. There are a lot of good people and I think I'm working in the right area for me--at least for now.

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