Thursday, July 15, 2010

Workin' 7 to 7, what a way to make a livin'...

Pin It Well, obviously it's been quite a while. I make no promises about posting regularly again until late August. The most important point of this post for me is to finish chronicling the events of our first year of marriage. If it's interesting to you, that's just a bonus. :-)

We left off a few days before we were preparing for our trip to NY. I worked the following Monday. Incidentally, it's very easy to work only one shift and knowing you won't be back for a week. I cam home and worked on packing and getting things together and then took a little nap until Brice got home. We drove to NC and spent the night with my parents, leaving very early in the morning for the extended portion.

The visit included us staying with my aunt and uncle while the rest of the family stayed at Mimi's, a lunch visit with dad's aunts, dinner and boating with dad's sister and husband, the wedding, lunch at Friendly's, Hoffman's for mini-golf and rides, and an ice cream "dinner" at a not-chain. Managed to squeeze some of the best things into just a few days, though the trip obviously lacked all the frills of a real NY summer trip.

More specifically on the wedding: It was at a lovely placed called Brookwood Gardens. After our wedding last year, Megan had told me our wedding was just how you imagine a wedding should be. Well, this is just how I imagine an outdoor wedding should be. The setting was perfect, absolutely amazing. We had wine, cheese, fruit, shrimp. The (SIX!!) cakes were all different flavors and made for her as a gift from the inn where she worked. She looked beautiful in her mother's dress, the wedding party was barefoot, we all had unique wine glasses we got to keep, there was beautiful music and dancing and fireworks to finish. In addition to our glasses, the groom had personally made one pottery plate for each guest to eat from and then take home. Best of all, they both were extremely happy.

We did the traveling in reverse on the way back down, with a stop overnight with my parents. Brice's grandma was in town to leave in the morning on a trip with his mom and aunt, so we were able to stop by and visit with them. Brice even managed to get a pancake breakfast from his mom the next morning.

The week followed with my first attempt since the ER of working three shifts in a row. It really wasn't that bad, and nothing like the ER. Once that was over, I left Friday evening to drive back up to NC by myself for my best friend Heather's bachelorette party. I got to see our other best friend Jessica at the pool on Saturday as well. The party was great; a very large group of mostly her sorority sisters went to dinner and a couple of bars. We all stayed at a nearby hotel for the night and went to IHOP in the morning.

And...that morning was our very first wedding anniversary. I made it home by six thirty for our anniversary dinner followed by wine and our cake top. Still good, though the icing tasted a bit off. We'll be going out to eat in some undisclosed restaurant at an undisclosed date when we are less busy. Once these details are disclosed to me, I'll let you know.

I'm working overtime this week...three weekdays plus the weekend. It was a scheduling error and the blame is sort of up in the air, but I feel obligated to just suck it up after all the bad nights of understaffing of which I have been a part lately. Things should be getting better in the coming months as new nurses come off orientation and people stop taking so much vacation.

Next Friday we'll be on our way back up to NC for Heather's wedding. I'm really looking forward to the whole weekend, rehearsal to hair to last dance. Then we'll have a harried week of moving, another wedding, and then...hopefully...things will slow down.

I'd love to get back to sharing my new recipes and adventures, but lately it's all I can do to get to the grocery store. It's amazing this post is done. To be continued...

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  1. It sounds like a whirlwind these last few weeks. Weddings seem to come in waves. Lots of fun, but kind of a relief when the tide goes back out. :)

    Happy anniversary! Have a lovely time when you do get to go out.


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