Sunday, August 22, 2010


Pin It I know what you're thinking--two days in a row?? What's going on here?

Brice had a fun time golfing yesterday while I caught up on sleep, blogging, e-mailing, and Army Wives (yes, I watch this). We went to the Pigs & Peaches festival in Kennesaw and picked up our pottery we had painted on our Groupon date night. Looks pretty good, huh?

We actually only saw one stand of peaches, but bought a bag, plus two different sandwiches (to get a good sample) and got a free one.

Brice also let me buy a nice size bag of cotton candy so that I could quench my constant craving and perhaps not get such a longing at our next Braves game. It rained on us off and on, but it wasn't too bad.

This morning we went to an inquirer's class at the Lutheran church we've visited and where I am involved in Bible study. We met another couple there, who, as I told them, are us a year ago. Just married, just moved here, he's in a grad program at Tech. I invited her to Bible study tomorrow. We'll miss next week's class since I'll be working, but we'll make three out of four.

I guess I also haven't mentioned that right after that Sunday of working I'll do two more days so I can get my hours in for the week and then we'll be on a trip to Boston/Cambridge. Brice's trip with school came through and I'm going to join him for the first part, so we will get a vacation together, but with some work mixed in. I'll try to get him to post about it.

We spent some time at the pool today and went grocery shopping together. I made an Asian stir-fry with rice for dinner. The stir-fry itself is something I've made a few times now and I enjoy it because I get to make it sweet and spicy. This is the first time I did rice instead of egg noodles though (I don't like rice for anyone who is not in-the-know). I think I did ok making good rice being a girl who's only ever made rice twice before. We finished it off with the last of our home-made ice cream from Friday night--our own version of rocky road. Our maker was an anniversary present from Brice's parents, so I'll post about our new flavors. Next up is red velvet, which my SIL Ashley made at home and we bought at Publix. Cake mix is in the pantry, so it should be soon. Bonus: there's no way we can fit a whole cake in there--extra cupcakes!

Brice starts classes tomorrow and I'll be back to work on Tuesday. Good luck to all the students!


  1. CUTE MUGS! I love them! I really want to do a pottery painting class sometime. I think there are plenty to choose from in my city...I would love to go with some girlfriends.

    How did you paint the letters? They look perfectly imperfect, if you know what I mean.

    Homemade ice cream sounds incredible....

  2. Thanks! I'm so glad you said that about the letters--I struggled with them. I was going to do free-hand and in a moment of perfectionism decided stencil was better--it was not. Had to wash it off and start again with free-hand. I definitely recommend the activity though. It was our second time, we did it for a date once about five years ago.


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