Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend extraordinaire

Pin It I think I've probably mentioned before how it seems that everything fun to do falls on the same weekend. Well, it happened again.

Friday night we enjoyed a night at Six Flags, hitting five of the roller coasters and two other rides. Saturday took us tailgating and to the Tech and NC State game, which turned out to be great (and a win for my hubby's alma mater, so he was happy). That night we hit the drive-in movie for the first time with the 20s and 30s group from church, also for the first time. I even got to make sausage balls in the morning for the tailgate and cookies for the movies.

And this morning, I joined that church. This is the first church I've joined, other than the one I was born into. So as of about 11:45 am this morning, I became a Lutheran.

Other than the fact that I have either horrendous allergies untouched by Claritan or a cold, it's been a very nice weekend.

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