Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We're still here

Pin It Hi, folks! (and I probably mean folks in the most traditional sense since any readers other than our folks have probably rescinded their membership due to lack of posting...)

It's been an entire month since I posted a "what we've been up to" post. I'll try to be brief...

We both flew out to Boston Sept. 2 on what I felt was a very early flight, but was really only 8:30. Since we had three boxes worth of Brice's cherrypicker, it was handy that I was along for the extra checked baggage. It was a nice, timely, direct flight and we had an easy enough time getting to the hotel. I had done my best to get on a day schedule, but with only one day to do it in, I was beat. Brice took the boxes solo to MIT while I took a nap at the hotel. We met up later so I could see the lab and go to dinner at Legal Seafoods. Neither of us had ever eaten a whole lobster, so we ordered a small one and took pictures and had fun with the whole event. It wasn't exciting enough for either of us to want to do it again, but it was cool.

The next day I went in to MIT with Brice again and then I went off on my own, planning to meet up with my friend from church, Leigh Ann. I took the T up to Boston Common and walked around taking pictures and into the Public Garden. Leigh Ann and I met up there and went to check out the shopping. We ended up just walking a lot and talking and only went in about two stores. I picked Leigh Ann's brain for cool places to eat and we ended up at the Friendly Toast, back over in the MIT area. I rode and walked with her all they way back to the Museum of Science for her evening shift and then took the T back to Brice. I was actually asked for directions as this point and it made me feel very confident about my ability to look like a native. :-)

Back at the lab, Brice let me ride around on segway, which as dorky as it looks, is a really fun way to get around. If it didn't make you look so weird, I would definitely want one. We made our way up to the North End that night for some amazing Italian food at Bella Vista (recommend this if you are ever there--have the tortellini!) and cannolis at Mike's Pastry (this will be hard to miss with a line out the door and down the block). We even checked out the first Roman Catholic church in America built by Italian immigrants (so many qualifications, I'm not sure what was the unique part).

In the morning, we checked out of our hotel and were whisked off to a comprehensive tour of Concord and Lexington by Brice's mom's cousin, George. George grew up in Concord and explained to us the intense rivalry between the two cities. We saw the site of the beginning of the revolution, a couple of museums, homes of famous writers, including Louisa May Alcott and Thoreau's cabin at Walden pond. George and his wife, Ruth made us a great dinner and put us up for the night at their home in Wellesley. In the morning, we took the commuter rail to the T and Brice went to MIT while I continued on to Leigh Ann's apartment. We hung around there just catching up more and booked a Duck Tour for the three of us that afternoon. We met up with Brice for lunch and headed over to our Duck. Unfortunately, our tour guide wasn't the best, but we did see a lot of Boston and got to feel the spray off the Chahlles, er, Charles River. We walked around Quincy Market a bit and decided gelato was in order, so it was back to the North End. We played the, what's a cool restaurant game again and ended up deciding on Union Oyster House (oldest restaurant in America), but there was a two hour wait. So we put in our name and then it was back to the north end for cannolis at Mike's pastry. We had plenty of time to wait in the long line and still get a drink at the bar before being seated. It was great getting to see Leigh Ann and catch up. We parted ways in the T station running to get our respective trains. Brice and I headed back to Wellesley where George was kind enough to pick us up at the station, saving us a walk home in the dark.

In the morning, George and Ruth took us out to Salem Harbor for a ride on their boat, Extase. It was an absolutely perfect day for it. We had a great time and I even got to steer :-) Afterwards, we stopped at their favorite ice cream place, a nice independent eat outside perfect summer experience. Brice found a hotel in the city again for us and George took us to the train. It was fun to get to know them.

Tuesday was my last day so I went in to MIT again with Brice with all of our luggage and then off on my own to Harvard. After a while of wandering around on my own, I finally managed to hook up with a prospective student tour. Unfortunately, it was shortly before I needed to leave, but I was going to stay with them until I learned something at and about Harvard. It was really great, three stops on the tour and felt smarter already. I even got to one-up those Harvard wanna-bes by answering a question posed by the tour guide. I met Brice at the MIT student center for lunch and then I was back on the T headed to the airport. I realized while there it was the first time I had ever flown without a companion (as an adult).

Brice was in Boston through the following Sunday, but I'm hoping I can get him to tell you about his time on his own, including the whole cherrypicker part (kinda the reason we were even there, hehe).

After Brice got home that day, we went to help some new friends move. Dave and his wife Allison have just moved to Atlanta so Dave can attend GA Tech as well. I think I mentioned a visit we had with him while he was looking around at schools back in the spring. We invited Dave and Allison and their friend over for dinner that night. Brice's friend, Danny was in town for a conference that week as well, so he and Brice got to see a Brave's game together while I was at work Tuesday night.

This past Sunday night Brice and I went to see B. J. Novak (of NBC's The Office) at Tech. For the student price of only eight dollars we saw a very good stand-up routine. He's great to see if you ever get the chance.

Our friend from Concord, Ryan, is in town for work so we met up with him tonight. He came by to see our apartment and then we went downtown to finally experience Chicken and Waffles. It was great to chat about the business world we are generally not privy to and hear how things are going with him.

I have continued going to the inquirer's class at church and decided to join this coming Sunday. We're also planning on going to my work's night at Six Flags, and possibly tailgating for the State game on Saturday and doing a drive-in movie that night.

Hopefully this post will help me get back into the swing of things...

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  1. What fun to read about all you managed to cram into your Boston visit. Will look forward to seeing the pictures.
    Mom P.


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