Friday, October 8, 2010

Through my car window

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When I was driving home Wednesday morning from work, I had the often-but-not-often-enough pleasure of seeing a beautiful sky from the rising sun. It was filled with blue clouds with golden halos around all of them. Texting while driving is now illegal (duh) here in GA, so I somehow felt that photographing might be no proof of this.

I love seeing those skies--it might be one of the best things that can happen to me. I have mentioned to several people since moving here that one of the things I miss is not being around nature. I used to love winding down a road in my old town that cut through a cattle farm and looking out over the fields at a rising, or more likely at this point in my life, setting sun. I had a place I drove through every day on my way home from school where I turned off one road onto another and as I did, my front windshield swung across a field backed by beautiful trees as though I was taking a panoramic picture of it every time. (I did try to capture this once, not while driving, but I couldn't get it right.) Experiencing nature while driving alone is one of my favorite things ever. It's why I enjoyed the two hour drive alone to visit my boyfriend/fiance in college.

People best experience God in different ways, but I best experience God in nature. The most powerful moments I can remember are enjoying views from mountain tops or the roof of a Habitat house or across lakes or oceans or the quad in college...or cow-fields. Just imagining these memories makes me a little watery. There is such beauty in the natural world and I see these things and when I see them (most often alone through my car window) I say out loud, wow, God, it looks great. You did Good.


  1. Well, here in NE Louisiana we have tons of gorgeous nature. You would likely love the bayous running through the woods here. My husband is an avid hunter and says half of the fun is just sitting back and enjoying God's beautiful Masterpiece, nature.

    Nice to meet you through Company Girls and many blessings to you.

  2. I'm with you. Often when I am running, I remark on God's handiwork. There is such a powerful way that I think He speaks to us through the beauty of His creation. Thanks for reminding me to look for it today.

  3. I LOVE seeing God in nature! He is everywhere and His creation tells us so much about HIm! great post! visiting from cup of coffee!

  4. Love being outside...especially during this fall time when the air is just crisp and cool! I really is amazing, this world God created!

  5. I also love the majesty of the sky, especially when the sun is just on the edge of it.

    God sure is creative to put a different picture up every day, isn't He?!

  6. Love being in nature. Not much time to go out into the mountains and fields, but we have a lake nearby...alas, it is man-made, but it is surrounded by lots of trees. Glad to be out of "the city" (San Francisco) where you can't even see the stars for the city lights. Thanks for the picture you painted for us today. I can use my imagination. =)

  7. Ditto!! There is a stretch of road I use to drive into the "city" from our "suburb city" here in MS called the Natchez Trace. I love it and take every opportunity to get on it because there is no advertisement, the speed limit is 50 mph., and it is common to see deer, turkey, and other wild life along the way. God IS so good and has created an incredible temporary living space for us to enjoy until we get home!

  8. 33 miners in Chile are getting their first look in 70 days at that big beautiful sky. I'll bet they have a renewed appreciation of it.
    Love, Dad


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