Thursday, November 4, 2010

For posterity's sake...

Pin It A very late record of the previous month...

Brice's aunt and uncle were in town the second weekend of October for the Georgia Tech homecoming game. We met up with them Saturday afternoon and were treated to a late lunch before going to church at CTK, the same church Uncle Rob had attended in college. It was great to see them both.

The next week I worked three days in a row to have some time off that would coincide with Brice's fall break. We decided to visit his grandmother in Aiken, SC for the weekend. We drove up Saturday morning and were lucky enough to be there the same weekend Aunt Patrice and her daughter, Elise decided to visit. The five of us had a nice lunch and a quiet weekend. This was my first trip to Aiken and Aunt Patrice drove me around to see the area. It's a cute town and this was my first time SC not just driving through or in Charleston. Brice said he probably felt the same way about Aiken that I do about Albany, so I tired very hard to see it the same way I thought he did.

We were home late Sunday night and decided to sleep late the next morning instead of forcing ourselves out to the mountains as we had planned. Instead, we got to the park for a great walk, lunch at a deli, IKEA for new furniture, and a few stores looking for a new jacket for Brice.

We resolved to get early enough Tuesday and drove north to look for some hiking and apple picking. The area we got to first turned out to not really be the hiking we were looking for, so we moved on to apple picking. We picked a bushel of various kinds at a cute little farm and I discovered that whether it is berries or apples, my husband is not the best fruit-picking associate. He prefers to be in charge of quality control and operation management. I believe he physically picked maybe five apples. (He did a wonderful job of planning our day trip, as he always does and I definitely appreciate that.) We did not eat our picnic lunch in favor of trying one of the dozens of country kitchens we passed. Our hiking happened a bit late in the day to go all that far, but we took two different trails to the upper and lower portions of a waterfall before heading home.

We went to Concord that weekend and saw our parents, Kyle, and Jessica and her mom. The trip was planned for us to be present for the ordination of the Director of Christian Education at my home church. I'd known Rob pretty much my whole life and been close with both of his kids. I was so proud to see the fruition of all of his hard work and determination.

We had dinner on Thursday with the couple we helped move and their friend. She made an excellent spread of Asian cuisine.

This weekend we hope to get to the art museum for the free day to see the Dali exhibit they have on now.

Sorry for so little posting, but it gets away from me sometimes. Don't stop checking in :-)

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