Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holidays are comin'

Pin It So I began to write this post to share the above sentiment and went to look back at last year's with the same title...and whaddya know? I posted that one almost exactly one year ago. (One year tomorrow, which means it would have been on this same Sunday.) I also looked back to see that what we were up to was very similar.

Last year I reported on the Christmas tree lighting at Atlantic Station. Last night went better than last year. We headed out early afternoon to shop because Brice's brother had a 50% off coupon for an online order from Banana Republic and he was nice enough to let the whole family in on the deal. We knew enough this time to park in the nearby Target instead of trying for the deck. We had a late lunch at Moe's and then saw Harry Potter. (This was another thing we did together the weekend before Thanksgiving eight years ago!) This year we had a great spot for viewing several minutes before. What a difference experience can make.

We still haven't made it to the art museum--working Friday night makes me too tired for much on Saturday. I didn't work this past Friday night, but I did the two before and they made for some un-exciting weekends. Mostly we have been working on buying stuff for/decorating the apartment. Brice has been hanging a lot of things on the walls. Currently we are debating the issue of painting a wall in the living room and making a fake fireplace on the wall out of molding.

I am back to work tomorrow night and Tuesday before we fly Wednesday morning to Beaufort, NC for Thanksgiving with Brice's family. Technically, we fly to Raleigh where Brice's parents pick us up and drive us the rest of the way. We only have until Friday night, but it will be a nice get-together as always. I'm doing my best to get all the laundry, cleaning, and packing done tonight as though we are leaving tomorrow so I won't have to worry the next couple of days.

I'm making bleu cheese burgers tonight (another thing mentioned in last year's post) and then we'll probably have the leftovers and make a pizza with our Publix dough the next couple of nights. Our last Publix crust was really tasty, though it stuck horribly to the pan. Any ideas why?

And, just like last year, a shout-out to the birthday brother, Rev. Brian! (It's tomorrow this time though)

I will once again treat you to my favorite Christmas commercials at the end of this post--maybe we'll make it an annual thing.
My favorite


  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip, Kelley!

    I have strict rules about no Christmas decorating/festivities until AFTER Thanksgiving (hehe), but the Christmas tree lighting sounds like fun. :)

  2. I used to as well (though Friday morning the Christmas tunes were on from the moment I was up!). I decided last year I need to relax it a little though because sometimes easing in makes certain things less stressful and fighting it and everyone takes the fun out of it for me!


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