Monday, December 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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Saturday my parents came down for a visit, their first time seeing our new place. We're glad it worked out since we had no Christmas decorations other than two ornaments we had acquired in the last week and one in September. After lunch, the four of us went over to the local tree lot and found a very nice tree. I think in the future though, I will have to trust my husband's judgment on size since trees do look much bigger in your house... :-)

Mom helped me decorate it after Brice and Dad got it into the stand with a trip to the hardware store for our very first saw. They took us out to Olive Garden before they headed back to NC, where it was apparently snowing.

My unit at work had a Christmas party that we drove up to, but it was pretty low-key. They did have some homemade spiced rum that was especially good when rum was added :-)


  1. What a beautiful tree already full of many significant ornaments. Can't wait to see it. Looking forward to our visit.
    Mom P.

  2. We had fun helping. Enjoy your visit with Brice's folks.


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