Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fun times

Pin It The past few weeks before this were work-loaded, or so it seemed. Right after Brice's birthday we had quite the snow and ice storm. The main problem was the ice and the fact that the temperature wasn't getting high enough to melt it--not really the snow for all of the northerners that laugh at our inability to deal with a small amount of snow. We ended up holed up in the house until I finally venture out to work on Wednesday. Another girl already stuck at the hospital swapped days with me and worked my Tuesday, so I worked Saturday. This put me working a sixty-plus hour work week. But things are finally back to a more normal schedule.

That week was also the first of Brice's in-person interviews. He flew up to Boston to interview with GE and the next week to Houston for Schlumberger. He received offers from both and is still pursuing some other opportunities. We'll see where things take us.

We just had a great weekend to spend entirely together on fun things. After dinner on Friday, we went to a fondue/jazz club called Dante's Down the Hatch. Extremely cool place with really interesting decor and an crocodile in a pond! After some drinks, we headed over to another bar and then to the Cheesecake Factory! Three words: red velvet cheesecake. Wow. I told Brice that every once in awhile, it's important to eat those things to remind you of why eating a random Little Debbie's or Chips Ahoy isn't worth it.

The weather was super warm and nice Saturday, so we played tennis. Or we hit the ball anyway. I'm working on it. We made chicken parmesan together and watched the movie Fletch (weird...). After church on Sunday we ran some errands and picked up some new furniture at IKEA. Nice, huh?
That's about it from here. Big news is on the horizon, but for now we're just figuring things out.


  1. Ooo, I want a shelf like that! Is it the kind that can stand on its side?

  2. What an exciting decision-making time!!!
    I love the shelves.

    Mom P.

  3. "it's important to eat those things to remind you of why eating a random Little Debbie's or Chips Ahoy isn't worth it."

    Love that line. I'll totally remember that. And who doesn't love Fletch??

  4. Yes, Ashley, it can stand either way. And there's even a desk attachment that we may add someday if it is used in a different capacity. It's versatile (open in the back so it can be a room divider), so silly as it may sound, seemed like an investment pieces. Lots of ways to use it!


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