Friday, May 6, 2011

Let's leave town on a permanent vacation...

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Today we are packing it up and heading south to enjoy a cruise. My last night of work was Tuesday, so I am now officially "between positions". If anyone knows of a good position in Delaware, let me know! Everyone gave me a nice little party at work with more food than you can imagine--nurses love to eat. Especially night nurses. I will certainly miss them all. I truly cared for them as much as they for me, I am sure. While it wasn't the perfect job, no one can expect to find the perfect job in terms of bosses and policies, etc. But it was a very good experience and it certainly could have been far worse.

This begins our month-long holiday as we travel to visit family and friends, taking advantage of not having to take vacation days or PTO.


  1. Have a safe trip. Enjoy the time off even if the situation is not the best.

  2. Have a wonderful time!


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