Monday, June 13, 2011

The adventure continues...

Pin It While I contemplated titling this post, The adventure begins, I realized it's all been an adventure so far--this is just another chapter starting.

Let's see...we left off with my return from Denver. I was very jet-lagged from my 6 AM flight+2 hour time difference, so I took a nap when I got home. The next few days were filled with packing, packing, and packing. We used two cubes that would be delivered to our new address for us, but otherwise, it was just the two of us. We left Atlanta for the last time Friday evening (far later than expected due to the tardy pick-up of the cubes by the company).

The plan was a dinner with all four parents, but we didn't arrive until after nine. They all had dinner together anyway and stayed a few minutes to chat with us. After some errands and washing the car we returned to Brice's parents, we were back on the road to Richmond Saturday afternoon. We spent a few days with Brice's sister and her family. The hope was to see our nephew play a game in his soccer tournament. Unfortunately, it was rained out. We had a lazy Sunday with a nice meal grilled out and our nephew managed the building of a catapult by Uncle Brice. We did some wandering around the mall on Monday and visited the science museum on Tuesday and saw an IMAX movie. Ethan's gym teacher coaches the neighborhood high school's men's soccer team, so we went to watch one of their playoff games.

We left Wednesday morning for Delaware, arriving in what seemed to be a widespread heat-wave. The two of us (mostly my wonderful husband) moved the majority of our life into a third floor walk-up apartment over two days of over 100 degree heat-index weather. It was shocking to experience that kind of heat. We hired one guy on Thursday to help Brice with our few heavy items.

We like it here, but we're not getting too attached. The area is quieter and obviously less busy than our old home. Reminds us more of our home town, but more like our home town was years ago. We live off of a main thoroughfare, so there are lots of stores and restaurants and everything I've had to go to so far has been really convenient. There are no upstairs neighbors, which is good for Brice since he is a light sleeper. His job is really close and very easy to get to and he said he didn't have any trouble with traffic this morning (his first day!).

The apartment itself is nice. I like the kitchen tons more than the last, though I liked the other apartment more for the rest (design, cabinetry, hardware and fixtures). But the amazing kitchen makes up for anything I'm not crazy about. We have three bathrooms now, which seems excessive for an apartment, but whatever. The bedrooms and bathrooms are the same, so it's compatible for roommates. We took the room that faces west since we enjoy sleeping in :-)

I had hoped to have my first company today, but haven't heard from them. My aunt and uncle were on their way back to NY from NC today and thought they might stop. No such luck, I guess, but I'll extend an invitation to our friends and family now. We have whole room and private bathroom and we'd love to have you. And I would love to make you something to eat in my fabulous kitchen!

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  1. Kelley:
    We were surprised to hear you were expecting us. We told your Mom it was unlikely we would be able to stop.
    We were pretty tired but since we were making good time, we had intentions of stopping. However we discovered that our direction giver forgot to put your street number in the google map that he gave us. This left us with few options, none of them terribly acceptable: make like a Jehovah witness and get thrown off 100 porches before we maybe found you, ask neighbors if they knew you (not likely too many of them yet), buy a cell phone (perhaps the direction giver's hidden agenda ;>)), or call your name really loud until the police arrested us for disturbance of the peace. Wish we could have caught up. Maybe it was for the best. We didn't get home until after 9:00as it was after a 12 1/2 drive.

    Hopefully another time.

    Uncle Pat


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